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Why Cascais?

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We are inviting you to move? What’s so special about it? And what are the reasons to love this city? These are probably the first questions you’re asking.

It’s not hard to imagine Cascais as a seaside town. Do you know what it is: a scene of fishing boats bobbing in the harbor with a whitewashed lighthouse and rustic houses in the background? And when you walk around Cascais, it seems idyllic, too. The city, once beloved as a haven for Portuguese royalty, retains a certain old-world charm that is especially hard to find these days. But it’s also a quiet town with all the infrastructure and you can feel comfortable without having to travel to the big city. 

And here are a few reasons why you probably never want to leave Cascais.



cascais ocean

Just to call Cascais a beach town would not be enough. Its location is definitely the best part, a 30-kilometer seashore that combines wilder beaches with more urban ones. The rocky coastline is beautiful, varied and with several vantage points where you can stop and see the beauty of the ocean. There are four main beaches in Cascais and many more nearby! If you prefer to be active rather than lying on the beach, surfing is one of the best things you can do in Cascais with waves and conditions for all skill levels.


Cascais may be a city, but it still has the atmosphere of a small beach town. What really sets Cascais apart from other beach towns is how beautiful it really is.


The whole town, from the lighthouse to the Church, always looks fresh, but still retains its historic look. It’s the kind of place where crisp linens hang from second-story balconies and elderly gentlemen in newspaper hats bang their canes on the sidewalk as they walk down the rough streets. Some of the prettiest spots in town are away from the main tourist street, Rua Alfonso Sanchez. The city is a street photographers’ dream, and you’d be hard-pressed to find a city that more accurately captures the old but modern essence of this part of the world.


Cuisine and seafood

Portuguese cuisine has never been as notorious as its Mediterranean neighbors, but the food here is damn good. Thanks to its fortunate location by the sea, Cascais maintains a fishing industry that brings the highest quality fish and seafood to local restaurants every day. Much of the food you will eat in Cascais comes from the sea to the table. Local delicacies include sea bass, octopus, cod, or shellfish, which are served grilled and garnished with boiled potatoes. Combined with olives, bread, and (quite obviously) a glass of Portuguese wine, you’ll wonder why you haven’t eaten Portuguese food before.

cascais seafood

While Italy is better known for its ice cream, Portugal has its own ice cream culture. The recipe is simple cream, fruit puree, and sugar-but the result is much better than your average homemade popsicle. Tip: Get a cup of ice cream at Santini’s, the best store in town. And the line there speaks for itself!


If you’re not into the noise of big cities? Cascais is a great place to stay if you are looking for a smaller Portuguese city, quieter than Lisbon, with a quiet pace, but with plenty to do. Located only 30km west of Lisbon and 20km south of Sintra, you can feel the real Portugal when you stay in Cascais.  Silence is one of the characteristics of Cascais, not only because of the different resorts but also because of the tranquility of the daily life of those who live here.

Nature and sunsets

Boca do Inferno

Cascais combines the blue of the Atlantic Ocean with the greenery of the Cintra Cascais Natural Park in a unique landscape that deserves to be immortalized in a postcard. Walking along the coast you can see amazingly beautiful views. On the city itself, the ocean, or the mountains of Sintra. And the most vivid sunsets from anywhere in the city. But one of the best at Boca do Inferno. Boca do Inferno (aka Hell’s mouth) refers to the seaside cliffs just outside the city. The rock formation gets its name from legend and the infamous violent waves that rumble through them. Despite the ominous name, the sunset there is beautiful. Get to Boca do Inferno before sunset to watch the sun kiss the horizon in a green flash.


Cascais retains the charm of ancient times when Cascais was the summer holiday destination of the Portuguese royal family in parallel with the liveliness of the modern city. 

You can visit the many museums, drive to Sintra. Palaces and royal residences? You can visit them on your day off or see them from the window of your home. The rocky coastline and old towns? Sintra is charming and overflowing with sights. Preserve for yourself the magic of Sintra by visiting the city early in the morning or late in the evening.

movetocascais beach club

Going after hours and taking a day trip will dodge the tourist buses and return to Cascais without ruining your vision of the fairytale.
Or visit the Estoril Casino, which is the largest in Europe and is strengthening its prestige year after year around the world.
It’s a great gaming and entertainment complex that stands out for its ability to combine art and entertainment, and which tourists tend not to miss out on.

It’s a great place to visit.

And of course, Cascais has plenty of options for those looking for a busier city line and an active time.


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