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10 ideas for spending time in Cascais

How to spend time in Cascais

Hire a bike, surfboard or paddle pad. In the evening you can go out, dine at great restaurants and try colorful cocktails. Yes, anything is possible here.

Inspiration. Impressions. All easily found in Cascais for those looking for a more vibrant city line. And the list goes on.How to spend time in Cascais? Just find what works best for you and put it into practice. 

Cascais is one of the places in the country that best combines the bustle of the city with idyllic scenery and extreme sports.

Cascais itself is a destination that helps break up the routine. The weather is almost always good for a walk outside, the beaches are inviting for diving in the hot months and pleasant walks in the colder months – not to mention the many water sports. 

Give you 10 ideas on how to have a great time in Cascais!

1. Rent a motorcycle.

The road is quite winding, so follow very carefully, keeping your eyes on the road to appreciate the beauty of the path that unfolds ahead and, if necessary, stop your bike and admire the Sintra-Cascais National Park. You can always stop at Cabo da Roca, the westernmost point of Portugal and Europe. Make a wish at the Stela with the coordinates of the promontory. And the wind will pick up your dream, carry it over the waves to the place where it will surely come true!

Cabo da Roca

2. Take a chance on going to surf school

To learn words like “swell,” “drop off” and “take off.” Get on your feet (or your knees) and discover one of the most wonderful surf spots in the country. The schools are suitable for all levels, whether you’ve never touched a surfboard or surfed as a hobby, and provide all the equipment. It’s an unforgettable experience!

3. Sign up for a padel tennis class

Join the sport, which is also fashionable in Portugal. There are two possibilities: either find a group of friends to play and rent a playground, or sign up for an experimental class. Those who prefer something more radical can opt for a squash court and the more classic-tennis courts.

4. Have lunch at one of Cascais’ local restaurants

5. Dine out

From right on the ocean, admiring an incredibly beautiful sunset. 

sunshine cascais

6. Have a cocktail (or more) in the middle of nighttime Cascais.

Largo de Camões. There are several terrace restaurants that are open all day but even more crowded after the sun goes down, with bars easily recognizable by the volume of music that can be heard outside, and in just the right place so you can get away from there toward other bars and nightclubs in the area. Especially soccer fans will be interested, most of the bars have the possibility to watch the match, and the atmosphere of the fans in a country where soccer is almost sacred, gives you goosebumps.Largo-de-Camões

7. Visit the Mercado da Vila.

It has existed for more than 60 years as a fair of fresh produce and flowers, but in recent years it has become a point not only for those who need to fill their pantry, but also for those looking for restaurants, or a cultural program for the evening, some themed fairs, held every month. Largo de Camões

8. Discover the historic center of Cascais

And understand why more and more foreigners are moving here. Cobblestone streets and alleys with Portuguese sidewalks-some overlooking the sea-typical Portuguese houses, a square with several bars and restaurants, and several museums, libraries, and old fortresses that tell the history of Cascais. Take one of the bicycles of the BiCas shared bicycle network.

9. Take a ride through the center

Mimo the beautiful parks and then follow the bike path to the sea, to Boca do Inferno, a rock formation where the waves hit with impressive force. And you can watch the sunset of incredible beauty. Or the other way from Cascais to Estoril, along the city promenade, you can choose which beach you want to visit.

Boca do Inferno

10. Take a walk along Praia do Guincho beach

which is part of the Sintra-Cascais Natural Park. It’s a good idea to understand why the people of Cascais live in such a Zen state. You can either walk along the sand – at low tide it has its own unique charm – between the two ends of the beach, Abano and Muchaxo, or along the wooden paths of the national park “Duna da Cresmina“. Across the dune, an area of 66 hectares. The hiking route, allows you to see local endemic plants, such as raiz-divina (divine root) or sabina-das-praias. The local flora and fauna form a unique ecosystem here.

Boca do Inferno

11. Visit – Parque de Palmela

Built by the Dukes of Palmela at the end of the 19th century. This large park of lush trees and beautiful paths. The garden has been a stage for cultural events from the beginning, and today they take the form of concerts, performances and dance shows in the Fernando López Gras Hall, on its grounds. The park also has an adventure park, a cafeteria, and an esplanade, and is a great place to escape the busy city around you and allow you to spend your time in Cascais more interesting.