8 Best Beaches in Costa da Estoril

8 Best Beaches in Costa da Estoril

There are two very different coastlines around Cascais. One is the quiet and peaceful beaches of the Costa da Estoril.beaches of the Costa da Estoril.

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Cascais is a fantastic vacation destination that combines Portuguese character, outstanding tourist sites and, of course, beautiful beaches!

Costa da Estoril stretches west from Cascais to Lisbon and is characterized by golden sand, calm ocean without big waves and various tourist facilities (stores, restaurants, bars). Very popular for tourists and residents of Lisbon. There is a train that runs along the coast from Cascais to Lisbon, with easy access to any of these beaches.

Beaches within walking distance of Cascais

The beaches we will describe below are within walking distance of the center of Cascais, and are where tourists and locals spend most of their beach time. These beaches are very comfortable and have many cafes and restaurants in the vicinity.

Conceição and Duquesa Beach

The two beaches of Praia da Conceição and Praia da Duquesa form the main, one of the most popular, and crowded beaches of Cascais. A large number of holidaymakers is due to its close proximity to the railway station of Cascais.

The golden sand, the possibility of renting beach accessories, the clear work of the lifeguards, the excellent Portuguese cuisine in the cafes and restaurants all make the beach a great place to swim.

The Conceição and Duquesa beaches are suitable for children, as there are no waves or currents and the beach is supervised by lifeguards.

Rainia Beach

Rainha BeachRainha Beach (Praia da Rainha) was a private and secluded beach of Queen Amelia in the 1880s. Quiet blue sea waters, golden sand and jagged cliffs provide the privacy the queen would demand.

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Many people consider it the most beautiful beach on the coast of Cascais. In summer it is always crowded because of its small size, but in winter you can enjoy its beauty.

It has everything one needs for a good time and a swim: clean sand, umbrellas, all the amenities, free parking, excellent cafe, on top of a steep cliff with stairs leading down.

Ribeira Beach

Ribeira Beach (Praia da Ribeira) is the central beach of Cascais, overlooking the fishing harbor and the fort. Historically, fishing boats were pulled onto the sand, and the beach is still affectionately known as the fishing beach (Praia dos Pescadores). 

Ribeira is famous for the concerts and festivals that take place here quite often. With the onset of the winter season, there are a Ferris wheel and sandcastle contests.

Tamariz Beach

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Tamariz BeachTamariz Beach (Praia do Tamariz) is the main beach of Estoril, the next resort town along the coast from Cascais. The beach has a lot in common with Conceição and Duquesa, but it’s less hectic. The beach has clean sand, all facilities, free parking, etc.

It was the first beach in Portugal to receive the Blue Flag for its ideal conditions for holidaymakers and its high level of ecology, which Tamariz has maintained for many years.

It is the first beach in Portugal to receive the Blue Flag for its ideal conditions for holidaymakers and its high level of ecology.

Alberto Romano Ocean Pool

Alberto Romano Ocean PoolThe Alberto Romano Ocean Pool (Piscina Oceânica Alberto Romano) is right in the ocean and is perfect for both adults and children to swim safely. It is a favorite spot for children, especially when there are fish trapped in the pool after the tide.

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beaches accessible by public transportation

The beaches further away from the center of Cascais offer more variety than those within walking distance and have more natural beauty. If you drive a little further by public transport, you can reach the other larger beaches of the Costa do Estoril or the wilder ones with beautiful scenery, the Serra de Sintra beaches.

Guincho Beach

Guincho BeachThis is the most picturesque of the beaches. Unlike the other beaches located in bays and coves, Ginshu is washed by the waters of the open ocean. There are often strong winds and waves, making Guincho one of the best surfing beaches in the Lisbon region. Surfing lessons are available for those interested. 
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You can get there by bus lines 405 and 415, which leave from the bus station in the center of Cascais. There is a bike path that connects Cascais with Guincho, and the 14 kilometers round trip is a pleasant and scenic route.

There is a bike path that connects Cascais with Guincho, and the 14 kilometers there and back is a pleasant and scenic route.

Carcavelos Beach

The Carcavelos beach (Praia de Carcavelos) is the most popular beach of the Lisbon coast. Carcavelos is much bigger than all the beaches around Cascais, with medium waves for surfing and excellent transport links to Cascais and Lisbon.

There are numerous beach bars, restaurants, and stores along the beach, and during the summer there is always a lively atmosphere. Surfing and windsurfing lessons are available to everyone, so there are always many young people in these areas. You can also get surfing and windsurfing lessons.

To get there you can take the train to Carcavelos station. From the station to the coast it is about a 10-minute walk. You can get there by train.

São Pedro do Estoril Beach

The beach of São Pedro does Estoril (Praia de São Pedro do Estoril) should be considered as a smaller version of Carcavelos beach. The beach is slightly protected by a headland, which makes it quieter and therefore not suitable for surfing. The beach of São Pedro does Estoril is only 20 minutes by train from the center of Cascais.