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Obtaining Portuguese residency with us is really easy and saves tons of time and money!

But before applying, please watch this video or read the FAQ very carefully!

Why do I need a NIF (tax number)?

Basically, NIF is a tax number or, more generally - your identification number which you need to be able to process any legal deal in Portugal - from mobile phone contract sign-up to renting or buying a home. Getting a NIF is the first thing to do when you’re starting your journey to become a resident of Portugal.

Why do I need a bank account?

In most scenarios, a local bank account isn’t mandatory to have for obtaining a residence permit, but it will surely make your life much easier. Paying services and utilities, top-up the mobile phone, and sending money to peers using Multibanco or MB Way, which are part of the national financial system - is a much more convenient way than using your homeland banking services.

Why do I need to register a company?

Registering a company is needed only in some circumstances for obtaining a residence permit, but it is always a good idea for your everyday life in Portugal. Maintaining one is very affordable, and the benefits are great. In short, it is very advantageous to buy a car, real estate, and much more using a company instead of doing it as an individual.

Why do I need an NHR?

NHR stands for Non-Habitual Residency, which means a Special Tax Regime for those who apply. Practically, it allows individuals to pay 0% taxes on almost every profit they make from abroad. This regime is especially beneficial for those who get, for example, dividends from jurisdictions with low or even zero taxation rates.

Why may I need a Golden Visa?

The Portuguese Golden Visa scheme isn’t suitable for everyone unless you want to obtain residency and a Portuguese passport while not living in the country. This option is good for those who may need an “alternate airfield” and are not ready yet to move and integrate fully. Like all such schemes in the world, it also requires some substantial investment, but still Portuguese Golden Visa program considers one of the best globally and is very popular.

Why do I need a long-term rental contract?

Well, except for living somewhere, you also need a long-term rental contract for almost everything - from obtaining a NIF to applying for a residence permit and sending your kids to school. Only in one case, you may not have one - if you’ve already bought a place of living.

Can I move with my family members?

Sure you can. Your closest family members may benefit from so-called family reunification and get Portuguese residency along with you - to enjoy living in this beautiful country.

Why may I need to have higher education or C-level job experience?

Well, it is useful anyway, right? But from our perspective, we’re asking this to understand if you may apply for a residency as a highly-qualified professional.


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