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Non-habitual Resident Status

Established in 2009, NHR, Portugal’s non-habitual residency tax regime, is something that has gained a lot of international excitement and attention. But as anyone who has tried delving into the scheme will know, it can quickly become a confusing topic. Watch the video below and find out more information!  https://youtu.be/S7Vta5oBCP0?list=PLpsMIkRYKahNkDfzjyCpal7ij97dJ_mDp NHR is a tax regime, …

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Company Registration in Portugal

Company Registration in Portugal

Company registration in Portugal requires completing some actions before the company is ready to begin its activity. Foreigners are welcome and no special restrictions apply to foreign shareholders or directors in Portugal. This country has agreements with more than 50 other countries for the reciprocal protection and promotion of investments, and agreements with roughly 80 …

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Documents required for NIF processing

What is a Portuguese NIF number?

The Portuguese NIF number is a tax identification number. Anyone who is legally living in Portugal, both official residents and citizens, as well as foreign non-residents, need to have a NIF number in Portugal! Watch the video below and find out more information! https://youtu.be/eIYQQb0J3HU?list=PLpsMIkRYKahNkDfzjyCpal7ij97dJ_mDp Prospective expats and entrepreneurs should sort it out as soon as …

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