Beaches of the Serra de Sintra Coast 

Beaches of the Serra de Sintra Coast

There are two very different coastlines around Cascais: quiet and calm beaches of Costa da Estoriland to the north, the wild and indomitable beaches of the Serra de Cintra. The beaches of the Serra de Cintra are famous for their wonderful scenery and powerful surfing waves.

Beaches of the Serra de Sintra Coast 

Serra de Cintra is so opposite to the coast of Costa da Estorilas much as possible. It is north of Cascais. it is the power of the Atlantic Ocean, with big waves, strong breezes, and amazing natural scenery. It is an ideal place for surfing, kitesurfing, hiking, and biking.

Most of the Serra de Cintra coastline is within the protected natural park Cintra Cascais, thanks to which the region is not subject to development there are almost no tourist facilities, only beautiful wild beaches.

Ursa Beach

One of the most beautiful beaches not only near Lisbon but in all of Portugal. Known for its rock formations, the most prominent of which resembles the outline of a bear.

Ursa Beach

“Ursa” translates from Portuguese as “bearers”. According to the legend, the bear and her cubs lived here many millions of years ago, when the land was covered with ice. With the arrival of the thaw, the gods ordered all animals to leave the sea, but the animals remained on the land where they lived and were born.

When going to this beach, be sure to have comfortable shoes, because the way will lie through the rocks and will take about 15 minutes. You can reach the beach by a winding path near the cliff. The beach is completely wild and the hidden rocks make it unsuitable for surfing.

It is best to get here from Cascais by bus 417. It’s about 20 minutes and you get off near Urs. When you get off the bus, you will see a precipice. There are two paths that lead downhill. It is safer to go down the left-hand path. The right one is very steep – you can wring your head.

Plage Foja do Lizandru

Plage Foja do Lizandru

This beach is far from Cascais and actually in the town of Ericeira, but is one of the best surf beaches in the Lisbon region.

Praia da Foz do Lizandro beach, located at the mouth of the Rio Lizandro south of Ericeira, is a great place for boat rides and a great place for children, who love playing in the little lakes formed by the river.

Frequently visited by surfing fans who find amazing waves here to practice their favorite sport; the beach is also rich in nightlife, with many bars and outdoor cafes.

Adraga Beach

Adraga Beach (Praia da Adraga)is a very beautiful and favorite place for Portuguese. It is near the Cape of Roca (the most western point of Eurasia), next to Sintra, near the village Almoçageme. It is very beautiful, quite spacious, covered by high cliffs. The beach is Blue Flag awarded. One of the advantages is that the parking lot overlooks the beach, without steps or rocks.

Adraga attracts vacationers with its snow-white sand. However, because of the raging waves, only the desperate daredevils risk swimming here. In summer the beach is very popular, but it is also a great place for walks after the beach season is over. The presence of man did not spoil the natural beauty of this place, and grottoes and tunnels in the rocks give it an even more fabulous mystery.

The beach has excellent conditions for paragliders – you can rent everything you need and make a beautiful jump. The cafe has great seafood. It can be reached by car from Cascais along the winding mountain road along the shoreline

Masasasas Beach

The beach is a beautiful beach: 400;”>The name of Masash Beach (Praia das Maçãs)means “apple beach,” which comes from long ago when ripe apples fell from nearby orchards into the river that flowed into the sea and brought apples to the shore. 

The beach is not very big, only 30 meters long, and is near a fishing village. The way to the beach can be very interesting if you take the old streetcar from Sintra, which has been going there since 1904.

The beach has a swimming pool with seawater all year round, so there are many visitors even in winter. And you can enjoy national cuisine in the cozy restaurants.

Place Grande

Place Grande (Praia Grande) is considered one of the largest beaches of the Lisbon region. It is called the Portuguese capital of aquatic sports. Each year European and world championships are held here so you can see the stars of the sport. Grande Beach is famous for its 100-meter pool of ocean water – the largest in Europe. 

It is said that you can find dinosaur footprints in one of the rocks on the surface of the bluffy beach at the southern end.

Going from downtown Sintra you can take one of the buses, 439 or 441, from Portela da Sintra station. The 439 stops by the beach itself.

Azenas do Mar Beach

Azenas do Mar Beach

Praia das Azenhas do Mar beach is a very small beach that is located on the shore of the eponymous village of Azenhas do Mar. Sometimes you cannot see it at all because the water rises at high tide and covers even the swimming pool located on the beach. It is probably one of the most popular views of Portugal, which you probably see on postcards.

Unfortunately, the beach is not equipped and is under surveillance, and you can place yourself on the platform next to the pool.