Company Registration in Portugal

Company Registration in Portugal

Company registration in Portugal requires completing some actions before the company is ready to begin its activity. Foreigners are welcome and no special restrictions apply to foreign shareholders or directors in Portugal. This country has agreements with more than 50 other countries for the reciprocal protection and promotion of investments, and agreements with roughly 80 countries for the avoidance of double taxation. Watch the video below and find out more information!

Portugal offers:
low operating costs, including a highly educated population (42% of which speak at least one foreign language), a skilled but cheap labor force (50% of the EU average cost),
highly developed infrastructure and communications networks.

Incorporating a company in Portugal is also a possible way to apply for a resident permit by non-EU/EEA/Swiss citizens and access to NHR regime once registered as a tax resident of Portugal.

If you want to incorporate a company in Portugal, we will be happy to assist you in that process🙌

With us, the company incorporation process is no longer the bureaucratic struggle that it traditionally is.

You don’t have to fill out papers, stay in lines, or waste time otherwise. Just fill out the form below!

Here is what you need to register a company in Portugal:

Fill out the form and get started with your COMPANY REGISTRATION

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