Cuisine of Portugal. Top restaurants of the pearl of Western Europe.

Cuisine of Portugal. Top 8 best restaurants of the pearl of Western Europe

The cuisine of Portugal. Top 8 restaurants

When you come to the pearl of Europe, you will no doubt want to taste the national dishes offered by Portuguese cuisine. In that case, we recommend visiting the following eight establishments:

    • The Yeatman;
    • A Casa Guedes;
    • Mini Barж
    • Midori;
    • A Casa Guedes;
    • Noélia & Jerónimo;
    • Rei das Praias;
    • Choupana;
    • Adega 25 Abril.

All of them are unique, so we recommend visiting each one.

The Yeatman

The Yeatman
Cuisine of Portugal. Top 8 best restaurants of the pearl of Western Europe 7

If you prefer seafood, wine and port, visit The Yeatman restaurant. The establishment is located in a coastal neighborhood overlooking twinkling lights. The restaurant has been awarded two Michelin stars. The waiters are professionals, quick to serve a table and help solve any problems.

It is known for its seafood dishes of different types of fish: tuna, halibut, eel, sea urchin, and others.

To go with these delicacies, you’ll be served 80 different types of the best wine or port!

A Casa Guedes

This is a coffee bar for those who don’t want to spend much. You can buy a pork sandwich with melted cheese and have a hearty meal for less than 10 euros. The cafe is in the port and the view of the ocean is mesmerizing. Buy tea or coffee, order a home-cooked meal or fast food, which will be ready in a few minutes.

Mini Bar

Mini Bar
Cuisine of Portugal. Top 8 best restaurants of the pearl of Western Europe 8

Mini Bar is made for those who love anything out of the ordinary. It features tuna tartare in seaweed ice cream cones. Have you ever had olives that explode?

Michelin-starred chef Jose Aviles will prepare the most unusual meal of your life. This minibar of quality Portuguese food is not only a place with delicious food but also a place with a nice price tag.


Would you like to try oriental delicacies? Then welcome to Midori! You’ll be invited to assemble a menu of nine delicacies and test them out:

    • gazpacho;
    • paltus with bell peppers;
    • tuna nigiri with two kinds of tuna;
    • mackerel tataki and many others.

Pedro Almeida will cater to your every need, and you’re sure to have a taste of the fine oriental cuisine on offer. Don’t forget to try the chef’s desserts with the finest wines.

Noélia & Jerónimo

Noélia & Jerónimo
Cuisine of Portugal. Top 8 best restaurants of the pearl of Western Europe 9

There are some of Portugal’s best chefs working here, showcasing the full flavor of the national cuisine. Don’t forget to book your table in advance, especially during peak season.

Chef Noelia prepares traditional Portuguese dishes. Why do they taste so good? No one can answer, as all the recipe secrets are kept secret.

The restaurant upholds the tradition of Portuguese establishments and is right on the beach. The view from the windows is a work of art in its own right.

Rei das Praias

The seafood is the crown jewel of Rei das Praias. Giant works with seafood broth, fish baked in different sauces, clams in garlic sauce, or oysters with a special recipe – all this and more can be found on the menu. The waiters will tell you about the peculiarities of each dish and help to choose the one you like. The location is a small cave in the middle of the beach. It is very close to the shore, so you can enjoy the humid air and noise of sea waves.


Cuisine of Portugal. Top 8 best restaurants of the pearl of Western Europe 10

This establishment is on the terrace by the beach itself. All dishes are prepared in front of you from the fresh catch. The grilled fish is the specialty of the place and definitely the best dish in the whole town. In addition, you can order garnish, seafood, and quality alcohol.

Adega 25 Abril

This place serves unusual appetizers with delicious wine. Adega 25 Abril is decorated in the style of a country house with a homely ambiance. The interesting appetizers are made in the same style – unusual, a little bit like the old times, and very flavorful. Sheep cheese and crusty bread, and olives will go well with any wine, and if you want the main course, the chef will cook meat on the grill.

Check out all eight establishments and make the most of your trip to Portugal. And we’re looking forward to hearing all about the new places you’ll discover. We will bring you the best restaurants and cafés of your choice.


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