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Moving to Portugal with children. History of immigration.

You probably own a business, rent apartments (or several), commercial real estate, build something, sell something, or produce something. But whatever you’re doing, whether you’re immersed headfirst in business or earning passive income in the form of rent or dividends, you’re faced with pressing problems that can be roughly divided into 2 categories: objective fears and worries about the Leaving category; and subjective speculation, doubt, and forgivable fear of the new, Leaving category.

Question category STAY :

Security of the national currency -is still a myth in even the blindest people find it very difficult to believe. The exchange rates of the national currencies of the CIS countries have been performing such a dance with sabers, with sharp movements and unexpected pas, that the spectators are seriously afraid that this round dance will not end well. And for good reason, since everyone is sitting in the front row. 

In short, no business-oriented domestic market would survive if the exchange rate made another dashing leap. Judging by the leg muscles tense and the predatory grin with two nails in his teeth – this may be the beginning of what is called the fairy tale finale. Will the exporters benefit from this? Those who are not under sanctions, yes. In terms of the company’s business, and even that for a while. But will the owner, who keeps the lion’s share of assets in the same market, benefit? It is difficult to find an argument in this favor due to their sharp depreciation.

Whatever different analysts say and write, the minimum world experience says that the sharp fall of national currencies does not lead to anything good. The domestic market, already sluggish, falls into a coma. Prices for immovable property, which is usually evaluated in dollars or euros and which is the main asset of many people, start falling too, following the rent rates. Purchasing power is severely diminished, and people become poorer. Asset values are falling, yields are falling. Banks are skirting up their lending rate skirts. Risks go up. No more normal business is out of the question.

Переезд в Португалию
Moving to Portugal with children. History of immigration.

Geopolitical risks -as they say, they are firing. And getting louder and louder. No need to go into detail about who, where, and why. The important thing is that the sounds can be heard more and more clearly and closer.</nbsp;

And money is very uncomfortable when it hears this. And the reaction is always the same – they start to evaporate. In whichever world laboratories history does not put a similar experiment – the result is the same.

And we should not forget the events of a hundred (with a tail)-years ago, when the sense of unreality of what was happening was washed away by a very sobering shower of blood and tears of millions of people who did not fully believe that this was possible. Some things can take a long time to mature in the body of a vast country but then burst out abruptly and irreversibly. And here, who did not succeed, is, as you know, too late.

Society – there are teleport masters in those lands. They are the happy inhabitants of houses in closed cottage towns, who can entertain fantasies, concerning the surrounding reality. The teleport is activated simply by pressing the button to open the barrier at the entrance to their terrarium. All sorts of alpine slides and well-kept neighborhoods can briefly create the illusion of well-being, stability, and security. Some people go on a drinking spree to prolong this narcotic effect, just not to leave this perimeter covered by a very fragile cap.

But sooner or later they have to leave. And as soon as the barrier closes behind the car, those sitting in it begin to frown hard to frighten the reality climbing through the windows. But it is only a poorly sewn disguise, through which fear is visible. For loved ones, for business, for capital, for life. For health, when another smoke stack looms on the horizon. Fear from the awareness of losing time in the second hour of traffic.

Hence the nerves and long swear words to the same angry, unmotivated, poor, and unhappy employees. Hence the constant binge trips are often laced with all kinds of powder. And this hobby, dragging on the tradition, is quite understandable – after all, no one wants to hang out with such reality for a long time.

Peasant, gray, miserable reality that likes to come in at 5 am wearing shoulder straps. Someone chooses a more exotic way – with the flame of a sacrificial fire brightly illuminating the inscription: “Please blame the Russian Federation for my death.”

"Some things may take a long time to mature in the body of a vast country, but then burst out abruptly and already irreversibly"

Category of questions Early:

*note: your THERE is our HERE, so, naturally, we will talk about Cascais.

What TO DO? Many people cannot find a definite answer to this practical question. The mental picture of the bored self looking longingly into the ocean distance and sadly singing something about the birch tree or kozaks.

This picture is complete nonsense. And it comes to mind because of the limited information one usually operates with. Let’s get this straight. An adequate assessment requires a fairly complete picture, which we will draw in large strokes, without specifying:

From daily activities you’ll find walks along with the ocean or golf courses with lunches or dinners in cozy and delicious restaurants; the beach, surfing, jogging and biking, road trips, and experiences you can eat with a spoon. 

Your business activity will manifest itself in Zoom calls from the comfort of your home or office, which you can walk to, or you may prefer one of the conference rooms of a whole plethora of five-star hotels. Negotiations over a game of golf or at a luncheon overlooking the ocean will also be part of your schedule. What exactly will occupy your mind? Investing in:

– small businesses (cafe, restaurant or hotel, transport or construction company, etc.)

– profitable real estate (for rent);

– startups (whose business model is focused on operating profits from niche narrow markets);

– investments in alternative energy sectors (wind, solar) and licensees from other, highly profitable sectors with higher levels of regulation. 

Moving to Portugal for permanent residence

It is impossible to leave everything -many people proceed from the false premise that if they move, they should move with the ends, forever and forever.  This is not the emigration from the USSR of the 1980s. It’s been 40 years and such notions are a bit outdated. The world has long since become globalized and open (yes, the crown will end and everyone will go flying again.) You should not, like Kashchey, carp over an unsupportable trunk or perceive your assets as an anchor. It’s your capital, and in today’s world, capital should be mobile. So should you. 

The norms of today are pushing us to become globalists. And you know, there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s not a problem, but an opportunity. For example, to work in any corner of the world you want. The ability to be flexible and not waste time on unnecessary traffic and personal meetings. Most of such contacts can and should be limited to Zoom or Whatsapp calls.

Whether you like it or not, modernity pushes us to master the art of managing processes and teams remotely. And there are undeniable advantages to this, if you look into it, which more than cover some of the disadvantages of restructuring.

Besides, who says you can’t take a plane and solve your business? Lisbon International Airport is 25 minutes from Cascais. The ticket costs ridiculous money. Sometimes, though, you have to wonder – is it necessary to rebuild processes if you can sell profitably? In this too we can help, but about that separately. 

Communication – we are of course monkeys because we are social animals. And pictures involving a wolf howling lonely at the moon – we are not tempted in any way when we imagine ourselves in such a situation. In the beginning, right after moving in, many people feel lonely.

But here, too, we have a solution. This process we call “social adaptation” and we are happy to provide it in our service. And after the initial adaptation – participation in events, joint dinners and dinners, all sorts of Halloween and New Year, etc., etc. We have gathered here a very friendly and interesting company. And we invite you to be a part of it!

And there is one more interesting thing: you will have friends and family flying over often and with pleasure. Believe me, there’s nothing like a short separation to cement a relationship. And nothing like the pleasure of the company of loved ones who are happy with new experiences and a beautiful picture. Just be careful – many of them will want to move in closer to you!


"...Many people start from the wrong assumption that if they move, they move for good and for all. This is not the emigration from the Soviet Union of the 1980s "

10 explosive arguments why moving is more relevant than ever

How Not to Divide by Zero
in Worrying Times

Move to Portugal Residence Permit

1. Markets comparison

The market in which you are trying to succeed, if only we are talking about the market of the so-called CIS, is weak. The combined GDP of all these territories (including Georgia, which got its feet out of this shady commonwealth back in 2009; though, to be fair, it didn’t make any meaningful changes to the final figure) for 2019 is $2.3 trillion (according to data of the World Bank). Without the pandemic and the oil screw-ups, with a different course, without rattling weapons in the underbelly, and without mass rallies in the west. No new sanctions for Russia. And no newcomer. How much the indicators will deteriorate in 2021 and beyond – is difficult to say for sure. But unequivocally and boldly we can assume – significantly.

Now let’s look at tiny Portugal, which is the same size as the three Kyiv regions: ~90 thousand square kilometers, versus ~30 thousand square kilometers; and a population of 10 million, which is less than Moscow. The GDP of this little guy for 2019 was $237 billion, which is ~10% (!) of the total GDP of the CIS countries. Now one more little detail – the total GDP of the European Union for 2019 was 18.3 trillion. That’s almost 8 times more than the CIS. Let’s not even take America and Asia. And so, the oil painting, as they used to say in one movie for Odessa.

What does this mean for, say, the average entrepreneur, investor, or businessman? Let’s not get bored with cleverness. Anyone who has read to this point understands. And it takes very little life experience to realize that more money equals more opportunities – both in the standard of living and in self-realization.

To move to Portugal permanently

2. Assessment of profitability and risks

Minimal high returns, going hand in hand with an incomparable risk of losing everything. This is the reality behind all the thinking on this subject. This profitability is like a tipsy, pretty girl in a short dress wandering around the quaint courtyards of the Moscow suburbs in search of a boutique. Chances that all ends well and the coveted handbag will be bought, in this situation, as you know – are not very high. More likely the dress will be torn, the heels broken, and maybe even the teeth.

Let us take a specific legend, often and repeatedly reread by many enterprising people. This legend is called: “Of high profits, but low risks in the market of immovable and other real property”. After almost every reading of this magic work, a bump grows painfully on the forehead, on which the emblem of the country producing all the same rake is imprinted with crimson. And even though all rakes are similar to each other, we still can’t see them. And it is quite understandable because our eyes are busy rereading the legend. However, we can hardly maneuver through all the obstacles and not run down the hatch, just like Shurik.

And why this supposedly high profitability – here everything is simple. The times of mass privatization are long gone. And any more or less suitable object is already rudely laid on the table, with a whole gang of crooked pirates ready to feast, just waiting for the next leader to take his hand and sink his teeth into it. You are seldom invited to that table, and many of you have never sat at it. The only thing that’s left is not the first-fresh food, but dishes from the secondary market. There is also an option for gourmets – construction. Rumor has it that you can get up to 30% per annum there. But let’s divide it by real, often frustrated, terms – and we get already 15% and even 10%. And this is now, even though the concept of “unmarketable” already looms on the horizon, and runs from all feet, laughing cheerfully and waving its huge arms, ready to firmly embrace all this wealth.

As for the other dishes, available for the majority, who have first-hand knowledge of the notion of capital, they are usually heavily seasoned with the words “kickback” and “sawing”. And the emphasis should be put not so much on the difference between how you earn and how you dispose of what you earn, but on the fact that both of these words are often firmly attached to the convicts.

In terms of rent income – in a good way, you can hardly get more than 6-8% per annum. And the risks remain – that’s why they are incomparably large. In Portugal, for example, the yield will not be inferior, if you have a head on your shoulders and a normal insider, which we have. And the risks in Europe, as we know, are only as far as the origin of the capital is concerned. But everyone has learned how to deal with this issue, and we make this process even simpler. True, if you’re an employee of one, you know what, a research institute that specializes in all sorts of poisons, there’s no one to help.


3. Save and multiply

Holding money in organizations that burst louder and faster than Donkey Eeyore’s marbles is a pleasure. About the same feeling takes hold of a New York trader when taking a very risky position in the stock market. Only here the question is not connected with marvelous calculations of Gaussian curves, but is simply lighted up in the poor man’s mind with a bright red sign – “KILL/ NOT KILL”. And it burns day and night, periodically pulsating and making the stomach clench at the sight of the next headline.

Of course, a mattress can always help. But to keep the money in it is to feed the inflation mice. And considering the rather criminal situation, sleepless nights and other pleasant effects from the neighborhood with the safe, from which only you know the password, are provided.

Alternatives sometimes see all sorts of Cypriot, Latvian, or Swiss institutions, but that tiny kitty of return on deposits, if present, can in no way prevent the same inflationary mice from chomping on their savings. Though their appetite is more modest than that of the domestic ones, it is also present.

Somebody, remembering the thrill of the signal light, does not want to part with them so easily and reaches for the buttons BUY or, God forbid, SELL – at the stock exchange. Cunning brokers especially like these stragglers, calling them “Swiss” in their slang. Everyone has this exciting period of associating themselves with Michael Douglas of Wall Street, which stretches differently. But the finale, with very few exceptions, is always the same.

After playing, the eyes usually turn again to bricks. Only the ones that will brazenly stare in the direction of the Mediterranean, cozily exposing their sides to the sun somewhere in the hills or gorges of the southern coast of France. Or those that will peer powerfully and expressively from behind the dispersing fog toward the manicured English lawns, as if inspecting the latter. This game of aristocrats is also not very pleasant after the sixth time of paying the bills, especially when it seems that “NELIKVID” with its arms spread ugly again looms on the horizon.

Are there alternatives to these scenarios? Sure.

Small businesses-with affordable credit and targeted programs devoid of the word “kickback” and clear, predictable capitalization and profitable operations.

Startups, just not those mythical unicorns, the point of investing in which is to sell at a higher cost to the next. In such things, the last one who bought the most expensive ticket often bears the burden of the loss. But here, too, it is clear that all is not so simple and such finals are reached not only by ordinary investors of a famous fund but also by those who are in the know and have a stake. But that’s another story. So here are the startups focused on operating profits. In other words, online businesses are capable of showing profit without the need for large-scale and disruptive expansion of global markets.

Income properties are not the chic and glamour of flashy villas, but simple income houses for students and stores for Indians. Most villas sadly stand idle, waiting for Airbnb rentals, waiting for years for a change of owners at a reasonable price. But students and Indians will pay good money for years, and it’s easy to find someone willing to take over such an object.

Investments in alternative energy sectors (solar and wind), as well as in companies with strictly regulated licenses available to a limited number of players.


4. Income in euros

Earnings are still better in euros. Those who at least once felt a feeling of unprecedented pleasure from their soundness after the news on the ruble or hryvnia collapse would never want to part with it again. And on the contrary, the one who even not so much has savings (such enthusiasts are few), but income in rubles, hryvnias, etc. – strongly risk at once, quickly and irrevocably, to become poor. And it will be enough to go not three or five times to Europe for the so-called vacation, but once to Turkey.

With a head on your shoulders and a bag of capital behind them, you can settle down in Cascais and do your usual business without problems – be it a cafe, construction company, hotel, or anything else. Either by yourself or by investing in these businesses as mentioned above. In any case, whatever you do – a euro account is very good for your mood.

And if you are an online entrepreneur, and used to working remotely, there is no better place than Cascais. Portugal is the new California. And the area around Lisbon is like a twin sister to the Bay Area near San Francisco. There is even a bridge in Lisbon itself, which is a copy of the Golden Gate – the same architect decided not to tempt fate and just repeat the success of the previous project. The region has a vibrant startup ecosystem, and there are development programs for tech companies and other online businesses. The investment climate is warm. And no wonder – places like Cascais magnetically attract people with capital.


5. Availability of credit

In honor of the credit rates in the CIS, it would be a good time to throw a decent military parade, timed to the Day of Cosmonautics. After all, they have been living in the space so long, that no cosmonaut in the world can boast of such an achievement.

A businessman without leverage can not do much. But with one, even at 2-3% per annum – you can already turn around. Not to mention all sorts of programs to support certain types of businesses. Preferential terms, compensation for part of the body, and other beautiful things, of which we have never heard in the homeland of clean money.


6. Tax planning

Tax planning. This process goes from the necessary reasoning like “how to do everything and not get anything for it”, which always ends the same way and sadly when the next taxman changes, to the legal ways of minimization.

The word taxes does not bring up visions of overturned documents, sealed computers, and cornered employees sitting without water and food for the fifth hour during the “inspection”. And there is quite a real accountant, who in a husky voice, relaxed about the possibility of writing off some profits by charging a certain category of costs to the company. And also your quiet and bright joy of Aladdin, who has finally discovered his cherished cave – when calculating how much you have managed to save through the Special Tax Status. All sorts of Cyprus, Malta, Latvia, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic with their principle of “entrance ruble, exit – two” nervously smoke on the side in comparison with these opportunities.

retirement in portugal

7. Life expectancy

Back to statistics. This time is much more important than the GDP stuff. According to data from the same World Bank, life expectancy in Portugal is 82 years. In Ukraine and Russia, this figure is 71 years. The difference can be up to twenty (!) years. And this is not short-term, no matter how you look at it. There is no need for more words here. It is enough to take a deep breath of ocean air, and everything becomes very clear, there is no need for any statistics. 

What is remarkable, there is free, quality medicine. Ira had her fourth baby at the state clinic in Qashqaysh – she was very happy with it, and the fact that they didn’t charge her any money, was a shock. So now think about what kind of birth in Miami, Switzerland, or Vienna cost a small fortune.

By the way, Portugal, like the whole of Europe and America, very actively attracts medical professionals from CIS – there are very good relocation programs for them. However, this begs the question that we should ask ourselves if we are in Kharkiv, Minsk, or St. Petersburg – if all good doctors and real professionals are leaving this country in such large numbers, who will remain to treat them?

ПМЖ всей семьёй

8. Family Safety

News about a car being burned somewhere at night, a shooting, or a stabbing during some showdown over another market or kiosk is no longer a cutting matter.

The nineties, deftly lurking, jumped out of their hiding place again on unsuspecting citizens. They all were carrying grenades, submachine guns, and pistols and they started merrily killing civilians right and left. The only thing is that if twenty-five or thirty years ago, they were loudly shouting “loot the loot” and driving hungry packs of young, pumped-up fools into fights over steamship factories, now they grind their teeth in stinking alleyways and say: “Give me your bag! The crook, as they say, has grown small. But he is more aggressive with his numbers.

If before they even cheated in a big way, following the example of Egyptian pharaohs, building huge pyramids – burial vaults for the dreams of suckers all over the vast territory, – now the Internet is flooded with uncomplicated scams more easily, but massively and with a rat-like speed of multiplying. And no one is following Leon Golubkov to his dream of new boots for his wife. Rather, such ventures are dictated by hopelessness and a lack of alternatives to somehow improve their financial state.

Categories of citizens, who are lucky enough to own a nice house in the private sector, know firsthand the hard look, looking at the neighbors. You can see the anticipation of the moment when you can outlaw yourselves and your well-being from the earth.

As such views become more numerous, so do their recipients. And the chances that the drunken dreams of a lumpen with a bottle of vodka in one hand and a Kalash in the other, dashing around in his neighbor’s confiscated Porsche, will come true are becoming more and more plausible. It has happened before, and more than once. And not so long ago, by the way.

Briefly about the situation in Portugal. Crime is practically non-existent. And in Cascais, perhaps the worst thing that has happened in recent years is the leftover fallout from one of the many regular parties in affluent homes. Since the spoons were found anyway – that hardly qualifies as a crime either. Children are quietly walking in the street and going to the beach in companies, quietly riding their bicycles and going to the store themselves. Adults sit in cafes, sipping coffee and squinting in the sun.

Preschool education in Portugal

9. Children and Education

A little more about children and education. There are such scathing and accurate answers, which do not need any edits or additions but very fully and accurately characterize the whole picture of the question. In this case, here is the answer to the question about children by A.G. Nevzorov in the broadcast of Nevzorov Wednesdays on October 14, 2020 (26:56) :

– What would you advise people who want to have children in modern Russia? 

– I would advise you not to have them… Yes, I would advise not to give birth to them, if there is no possibility of giving birth, to deport them immediately to a safe country, to a safe place. Because then, after giving birth, you will spend your life first protecting this child from the delirium and arbitrariness of the kindergarten. Then you will have to protect that child from bullshit and arbitrariness at school, where you will have to pull out of his head every night the nails that the teachers hammered into it. And without any malice, they just have such an order nowadays. Then you’ll have to save him from service in the Soviet army and the sexual harassment of his grandfathers and those who, let’s say, are comfortable in this situation. If you feel in yourself the ability financially and humanly, to deal with this rescue – then give birth. But I don’t recommend it at all.

As they say, comments are unnecessary. I can only add a little: Portugal’s free system of education, which provides education at quite a high level. In Cascais itself, there are a dozen or so international schools, from Montessori to Tacis, with different education systems. But they all have one thing in common: learning among peers from all over the world, which teaches global thinking. And fluency in at least English and Portuguese are assured. 

Yes, speaking of English, in Portugal, unlike many European countries, almost everybody knows it, and you can easily live without knowing a word of Portuguese. We suspect that this is not because of any sophisticated special program, but only because of the films and programs without dubbing – everything is in the original with subtitles.

Quality of life in Portugal

10. Society and picture

Life consists of everyday life. And its qualitative parameters often do not correlate at all with the state of the bank account. In other words, the picture we see in everyday life and the people who give dynamics to this picture makes our mood.

The picture in the CIS, with few exceptions during the short summer, is frankly not good. Someone certainly can object that there is no arguing about tastes, but don’t do that… You can only briefly remember one of the breathtaking European landscapes, and compare it with the view of fields, rivers, and birches with willows, with the intrusive melody of mosquito peeps… Well, you shouldn’t lie to yourself – it is not healthy.

People can be described long, but let us limit ourselves to a shortlist of the characteristics that you most often meet daily. Anger, fear, envy, nervousness, fatigue and stupefaction, drunken huffing, and morbid withdrawal.

There’s a contrast for the finale: it’s hard to meet not just a screaming character here, but even just a concerned face. Laughter, merriment, and the joy of fellowship are the norm of life. And why not, if you are surrounded by awesome nature, great infrastructure, no traffic and crime, and the police are there to help and protect. And you live in a very vibrant, dynamic, international community of interesting, extraordinary people. Isn’t that a DREAM LIFE?

Life and Business Survey
October - 2020

Representatives of small and medium-sized businesses, investors, former politicians, and VIP clients of leading Ukrainian and Russian banks participated.

The survey was carried out via email and in a closed telegraph channel among 2537 people.

Thank to TNS Ukraine for assistance and professional help.

Кашкаиш стрелка

As you can see, most of our respondents prefer to live on a sea or ocean coast and live to a ripe old age.

Is that possible, with so many negative answers to the other questions? What do you think?

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