Education in Portugal. Answers to frequently asked questions

Education in Portugal. Answers to frequently asked questions

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Friends, hello everyone. Our viewers often come to us with questions on various topics related to moving to Portugal. Today we will discuss how studying in Portugal works, how to choose the right institution and how much it costs to study in a European university.

I want to study in Portugal. Which university should I choose?”


If you’re planning to apply for a first-year bachelor’s degree, you should keep in mind that all couples at any institution are in Portuguese, so you need a B1-B2 level of proficiency to enter. If you’re applying for a Master’s degree, there are some majors and colleges that teach in English.

How much does it cost to study in Portugal?

The cost of studying at a Portuguese university can vary, from 1000 to 3500 euros per semester. The entire admission process and its cost does not depend on whether you are a Portuguese citizen or a foreign student. Also, you can qualify for a scholarship.

How do I get to Portugal to study?

In order to get to Portugal to study, you will need a student visa Portugal. To obtain it, you need to prepare the following documents:

  • passport;
  • .

  • completed visa application form;
  • .

  • document of admission to a Portuguese university
  • .

  • confirmation of the place of residence in Portugal (rental contract or documents from the hostel);
  • medical insurance.
  • .

With these documents, you must go to the Portuguese consulate and apply for a student visa.

If you want to study in Portugal, our service MoveToCascais can help with the process of obtaining a residence permit based on your studies.  Also, if you want to learn or a little boost your Portuguese, we can help you with a selection of good teachers. If you need to rent a place to stay in Portugal we can find you a great place to stay while you study and help with all the necessary paperwork. Follow the link below.


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