EU Blue Card: living and working in Portugal without citizenship

EU Blue Card: live and work in Portugal without citizenship

EU Blue Card

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EU Blue Card: live and work in Portugal without citizenship 7

When people are on the cusp of change, there are fears in front of them. Some are afraid they won’t make it, some don’t understand how to process the paperwork, and some don’t want to cut all ties, change their citizenship and move completely to another country. But there is a solution that will work for all good professionals – apply for an EU blue card and try your hand in Portugal.

The EU Blue Card is a temporary residence permit and an identity card which entitles the holder to employment. It is valid in most European Union countries and is usually issued to citizens of third countries.

Remember that you don’t have to make life changes right away. Try and see what you like and Portugal can help. HER advantage is the high volume of vacancies, inexpensive housing and friendly population.

What is the EU Blue Card?

What is the EU Blue Card?
EU Blue Card: live and work in Portugal without citizenship 8

The EU Blue Card is the counterpart of the American Green Card. The color is chosen to match the EU flag. It is a residence permit that allows the holder to live and work in Portugal. For the first time, it is obtained for one year with the possibility of renewal.

There are a number of requirements for the holder of the Blue Card. If they are violated the card will be revoked and the cooperation agreement will be terminated. Although there are many jobs in Portugal, the Blue Card applicant must have a high-paying job in his or her home country and not have any problems with the law.

What are the advantages of the Blue Card in Portugal?

What are the advantages of the blue card in Portugal?
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In contrast to Portuguese citizenship, the EU Blue Card has several advantages:

    • You can travel to all European Union countries without restriction.
    • No time limit on time spent in other EU countries. So you can travel at your leisure.
    • You’ll be given a legal job with a high salary and an official contract, so there are no problems with payments.
    • If you like the cooperation, you can easily renew your residence permit and stay in Portugal for any period.
    • Your spouse and minor children can apply for a residence permit with you.
    • After 5 years, you can renew your residence permit or gain Portuguese citizenship.

After receiving your blue card, you can easily find a high-paying job in Portugal. The global difference from the CIS countries is that people here work in their specialty or are retrained. Besides, there are vacancies not only for IT or managers but also for musicians, humanities, scientists, etc.

In Portugal you can find high-paid jobs not only in IT or management but also in professions such as economics, mathematics, physics, chemistry, etc.

What do I need to get a blue card?

What does it take to get a blue card?
EU Blue Card: live and work in Portugal without citizenship 10

Before moving and being officially employed, you need to gather the documents, open a Type D national visa, submit a full package of documents and get resident cards in Portugal. To apply for the blue card, the following package of documents is required:

    • application form and application for visa and card;
    • contact information and certificate of criminal record;
    • employment contract;
    • diploma of higher education;
    • foreign passport;
    • employment and health insurance;
    • photos;
    • payment receipt.

This is a general package of documents for all applicants, but depending on the situation, the list may be asked to be supplemented by other information. For example, this applies to those who have children – birth certificates will be needed.

The EU Blue Card can be applied for online, at the official website of the document, the EU, or at the Portuguese embassy. In either case, we recommend that you contact the information center of the embassy or consulate so that you do not make a mistake.

Who can receive the Blue Card?

Each country puts up its own list of professions that are relevant to it. In Portugal, professionals are needed today in the following fields:

    • physical and mathematical;
    • foreign sciences;
    • medicine;
    • legal;
    • engineering;
    • engineering.

Portuguese is not necessary for employment in Portugal but will be an advantage. All residents and employers speak English, so work and communication will not be difficult. But be aware that there are employers who will be looking for an employee who speaks Portuguese.

Putting in an extra foreign language is always an advantage.

After you receive your Blue Card you can not only find a job you like but also visit EU countries. You will gain experience in companies and institutions in Portugal, you will make new acquaintances and get to know a new culture. You will not need to change your citizenship if you do not want to, because the residence permit can be renewed as many times as you want.

The EU Blue Card is also an opportunity to work in several European countries because there is no limit on visits. This document is a reliable counterpart to citizenship or long-term visa because, since 2007, more than 50,000 people have received it. In this case, the cases where the blue card was taken for violations are minimal – enough to work and comply with the laws of the country, and everything will be fine.