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In order to provide our NIF service, there are actually two services that we need to offer: 

1. Requesting the NIF with the Portuguese tax office
After you place your order with MoveToCascais, one of our lawyers will submit a NIF request on your behalf. This is a one-time service and after you receive your NIF you will not need it again.

2. Fiscal Representation

In order for our law firm to request a NIF on your behalf, they must be elected as your fiscal representative in Portugal. This is done by signing a Power of Attorney which is provided to you after you place your order.

As your fiscal representative, our law firm can request a NIF on your behalf and has the responsibility of ensuring that you receive any notices from the tax office.

A fiscal representative is able to offer other legal services as well, but the services included with MoveToCascais fiscal representation is limited to acquiring a NIF and forwarding any messages from the Portuguese tax office.

Once you elect a fiscal representative, the only way to remove that person's responsibilities is by assigning a new fiscal representative. For our customers, that usually means assigning themselves as the fiscal representative after they move to Portugal. We include 12 months of fiscal representation when our customers order a NIF. For most people, this gives them enough time to acquire a residential address in Portugal and cancel ongoing fiscal representation services.

Alternatively, if you're not going to become a tax resident of Portugal then you can select a different fiscal representative to cancel our ongoing fees.

Here are instructions for how to cancel MoveToCascais fiscal representation services.

After you receive your NIF and obtain acceptable proof of address in Portugal (see details below), you can follow the instructions below to cancel any ongoing fiscal representation fees from MoveToCascais. 

Step 1. Prepare your documents

Before requesting your change of address, you will need to prepare the following items:

  • Your NIF PDF
  • Access to the Portal das Finances website. You will receive your password 3-4 weeks after receiving your NIF. 
  • Proof of Address in Portugal - see acceptable documents here

Step 2. Submit your request to change your address 

Follow these instructions to update your address with the Portuguese tax office

Step 3. Receive your updated NIF with your new address

After the tax office receives your request, they will issue you an updated NIF with your address in Portugal and remove our lawyer as your fiscal representative. According to previous customers, this process can take about 1 month.

Step 4. Email your updated NIF to MoveToCascais

After you receive your new NIF, email us a copy at and we will cancel any future fiscal representation charges.

You can use any of the following documents as proof of address in Portugal:

  • Portugal residence permit - For most of our customers, this is the simplest proof of address that you can provide to the Portugal tax office. It is also known as the "Título de residência".
  • CRUE - If you are an EU citizen, you can provide your European Union Citizen Registration Certificate ("Certificado de Registro de Cidadão da União Europeia")
  • Housing lease/rental agreement that is registered with Portal das Finanças - Learn more - Why does my lease agreement need to be registered with the tax office?
  • Employment contract
  • Deed of acquisition of property for housing
  • Proof that you have been in Portuguese territory for more than 183 days, consecutive or otherwise, in any 12-month period
  • Atestado De Residência - A document issued by your parish council (Freguesia) certifying your current residence*

*Some tax offices do not accept the Atestado De Residência to remove your fiscal representative. Please contact your tax office for more information.

A document that serves as proof of residential address outside of Portugal. P.O. boxes are not accepted. Any of the following documents are acceptable:

1. Driver's license

  • Must be valid (i.e. not expired)

  • Provide photos of both the front and back

2. First page of bank statement

  • Issued within the past 3 months
  • Bank balance and transaction details may be blacked out

3. Utility bill

  • Issued within the past 3 months


  • First name matches name on passport

  • Surname matches name on your passport

  • Address

    • Must be a residential address outside of Portugal

    • We do not accept P.O. boxes or business addresses

    • Must match the address listed for "Residential Address" in the checkout form

  • Provide an English or Portuguese translation if the document is not written in the Roman alphabet

  • Text is legible

  • No shadows

  • No light reflections

  • All four corners of the document are visible


If requesting a NIF on behalf of a minor, please include a proof of address of one of the minor's parents.

The fiscal representation that our law firm offers is limited to the acquisition of your NIF. There are other services that a fiscal representative can provide, but if you are interested in anything outside of getting a NIF, you will need to find a separate provider for those needs.

We generally recommend that you apply for a NIF within 12 months of moving to Portugal to save on the cost of fiscal representation.

When you order a NIF through MoveToCascais, 12 months of fiscal representation is included in the price of the NIF. After the first 12 months, you will be charged an annual fiscal representation fee. 

You can cancel your fiscal representation at any time by updating your address with the Portuguese tax office. See this helpful article for more info - How do I cancel my fiscal representation with MoveToCascais?

Here's an outline of our process:

1. Prepare your documents - What documents do I need to apply for a NIF?

2. Place an order on our website -

3. Sign Power of Attorney
  • After you place your order, we will review your documents and generate a Power of Attorney that will be sent to you via email. You will need to print, sign, scan, and return the document to us via email.
    • Can I sign the Power of Attorney electronically?
4. MoveToCascais submits your request to the Portuguese tax office
5. Receive your NIF
  • You will receive an email containing your NIF number and NIF document attached. The NIF document will act as your proof of NIF anytime anyone asks you for it.
6. Receive your password for the Finances website
  • MoveToCascais will request the password for you, which will be mailed to us. We will then forward that to you so that you can log into your account. This takes about 3-4 weeks since the password is sent by mail.
7. Update your Portuguese address & cancel our law firm's fiscal representation services
  • Once you have become a Portugal tax resident, you can update your address with the tax office to cancel MoveToCascais fiscal representation fees. See this article for more information - How do I cancel my fiscal representation with MoveToCascais?
  • We include 12 months of fiscal representation when you order your NIF. At the end of that 12 month period of time, your fiscal representation will automatically be renewed at a rate of $150/year. As long as you provide proof that you have updated your address with the tax office within those first 12 months and notify us, you will not be charged.

Yes, every individual will need their own NIF. 

If you are a married couple, you will both need separate NIF numbers. Children also need their own NIF in order to enroll in a school in Portugal.

You will need your unique NIF number to sign up for health insurance, bank account (even if it's joint), a cell phone contract, etc.

The cost to request your NIF is $150 and includes one year (12 months) of fiscal representation. At the end of that year, your fiscal representation will automatically be renewed at a rate of $150/year.

You may cancel the fiscal representation service at any time by following these instructions.

EU citizens are able to request a Portuguese NIF for themselves by going to a tax office. However, if you want someone to request a NIF on your behalf (which is the case if you use MoveToCascais services), you will need to appoint a fiscal representative.

The only way to cancel the fiscal representation fees is by assigning a new fiscal rep (usually yourself, but it can be another tax resident in Portugal). See this helpful article for more info - How do I cancel my fiscal representation with MoveToCascais?

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