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The maximum that you can be charged for your Prestige Program account is 15 euros/month.


TIER 1:  €15/month


AgeAccount BalanceFees (per month)
18+ < €20,000€15


TIER 2:  €6/month


Age   Account Balance                                  Fees (per month)
45+                    €50,000+€6
35 - 45    €35,000 - €50,000€6
18 - 35    €20,000 - €35,000€6


TIER 3:  €4.50/month


Age                  Account Balance + Credit Card ChargesFees (per month)
45+Account Balance: €50,000 and
Credit Card Charges: at least €500
35 - 45Account Balance: €35,000 - €50,000 and
Credit Card Charges: at least €500
18 - 35Account Balance: €20,000 - €35,000 and
Credit Card Charges: at least €500


Source: Millennium Prestige Program > Click on the Fees and Commissions tab

Please provide one of the following documents:


Employment StatusRequired Documents
EmployedPaystub (issued within the past 3 months) or statement of employment issued by the company (issued within the past 6 months)
Self-EmployedAny of the following documents (issued within the past 6 months):
  • Document on bank letterhead stating that you own your business account.*
  • Business registration documents
  • Letter from your business partner or client indicating that you are the owner of your company
  • Tax return
Investor / Property Owner
  • Signed rental agreement(s) + proof of deposits
  • Financial statements that show your investments
StudentStudent identity card or proof of enrollment
UnemployedUnemployment verification letter issued by the employment office
RetiredNo documents required


*For Self-Employed Individuals and Business Owners, each bank has different types of documents that satisfy this criteria, we recommend that you contact your bank and ask them for the relevant document. The document must contain the following:


  • Company / Organization’s name
  • Authorized signers on bank account

Since you are self-employed, the bank needs proof of ownership of your business.

This can be any of the following and needs to have been issued within the past 6 months:


  • A letter on bank letterhead stating that you own your business account + your most recent bank statement
  • Business registration documents
  • Most recent tax return
  • Letter from a business partner or client indicating that you are the owner of your company. Should be signed and dated. 


Here are some examples of those documents


Letter from the bank stating that you own your business account

Letter from the bank stating that you own your business account

Letter from a business partner or client

Letter from a business partner or client

What can I use Proof of Employment if I am a sole proprietor or self-employed

For most people, the average turnaround time to open a bank account is 3-4 weeks.


We process bank orders in the order in which they were received. Depending on the capacity of our bank branches, you may experience some delays (a few days to a week) before your order is sent to the bank. If this happens, we will keep you posted on the status of your bank account.

Yes, you need your NIF document to open a bank account (not just the number). The bank will not be able to generate your account opening documents without it.

In order to open a joint account, both account holders must sign the same document. 

If you are not in the same location as your joint account owner, you will need to find a way to both sign the same documents.

Here is an example scenario:


Scenario A
John and Mary want to open a joint bank account. John is currently in Boston while Mary is in Los Angeles. In order to sign their account opening documents, John will first schedule an appointment to sign his documents with our lawyers. He will then mail the signed documents to Mary and she will schedule a second appointment with our lawyers. After Mary has signed all documents, she will mail the original signed documents to Portugal.

Unfortunately, a job offer letter will not suffice. However, a letter from your company that states that you are employed at the company effective on a certain date would work.

Absolutely! This is an included benefit but is completely optional. If you decide that you want to get the credit cards later on, you will simply need to contact your bank manager to set it up.

The best document to demonstrate your rental income would be a lease/rental agreement with your current tenant.

Yes, a Cartao de Cidadao that shows your NIF number would work as proof of your NIF number as well.