#1 Relocation Service in Portugal

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Want to solve it quickly?
Pack is for you!

Get to know if you can apply for a residence permit as a highly qualified person. If yes, it’s the shortest and most welcoming way to become a resident in Portugal.

You can apply here
by filling out the form

We just know how to file a paperwork properly

But it’s not as easy as it seems and takes time
That’s what we charge money for.


  • Apply for the service
  • We will contact you and consult if you qualify
  • We do all the paperwork and prepare your files
  • We arrange the meeting at SEF (Immigration Service) 
  • You receive a residence permit

The price of this service depends on the time we have to spend on your process, which includes: the preparation of all of the documents to apply as a highly qualified person and accompaniment by a lawyer to the SEF service.

If you need help obtaining a NIF, opening a bank account, applying for NHR status, or registering a company  – you can also get these services by choosing the right one here.


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