Remote work in Portugal in 2020

How remote work is arranged in Portugal in 2020

Remote work in Portugal

Many people have had to change their lifestyles because of the pandemic. You can’t go to the office, to cafes, to work in the usual way. Absolutely everyone is adapting to the new realities and asking the main question – how to go on living? Talk about this transition using the example of an immigrant who has lived in Portugal for many years. “I work in a technical position in Cascais. Recent events have shown that I can perform my duties remotely as well, so the company has spared us from having to work in an office forever. I like living here, the infrastructure is comfortable: Michelin-starred restaurants, the possibility of outdoor activities like hiking or surfing. Our company has hired several more employees outside of Portugal. I’ve been talking to new employees – and you know, they’re thinking about moving. Now that the world has changed, you can live anywhere in the world — and work in another.”

Real Perspectives

Remote Work in Portugal. Real Prospects
How remote work is arranged in Portugal in 2020 6

. Back in May 2020, companies like Twitter and Square said that most employees would work from home on a full-time basis. There are the results of a study from Gartner that involved more than 300 CFOs of companies. Three-quarters of those surveyed decided to move more than 5% of employees to remote positions permanently.

How people react

Most people have taken a different view of their living conditions. Realizing that working from home is promising and convenient, people in large, bustling cities began to actively move to quieter, quieter places. Another reason people have begun to migrate to the suburbs and villages is cheap housing. The year 2020 has taken a significant toll on everyone’s wallet. Portugal is one of those places people move to with gusto. It is a quiet city with a developed tourist niche as well as a modern infrastructure. Because of the large number of co-working spaces, cafes, and pleasant climate, it is a freelancer’s paradise. As Scott Fuller, real estate broker and founder of Leaving The Bay Area, comments, “People value independence. Freelancing can provide it.”

Are there disadvantages

There are compromises to be made. One of them is the difficulty in finding a property and, consequently, the high cost of the rent. But for everything else, the main thing is to have transportation (cars in Portugal are affordable and available to every family). It is a few hours’ drive to the capital, where there is a wide network of supermarkets, shopping malls, and places for entertainment.

Remote work in Portugal. People’s opinions

Remote work in Portugal. People's opinion.
How remote work is arranged in Portugal in 2020 7

But back to the question of remote work. For an employee in today’s world where people can afford to work from home, the main thing is having access to the Internet is the answer. You don’t have to spend time on the road — and most importantly, freelance sites allow you to change your field of work. This is a reason to reconsider education as well. For example, you don’t need a degree to go into the design – just talent, for example, work and maybe courses. However, remote work experience doesn’t count as an official work experience if you’re not listed in an office or don’t have an FLP. If everything is formalized and you pay taxes, there will be no problem.

Where to look for remote work in Portugal

There are many ways to get a job. The first is to negotiate a remote job with an existing company. Then, there are special job search sites. Companies initially publish requirements, and one of them is telecommuting. The last option is not to depend on companies and to take clients as a private entrepreneurs. In this case, social networks and freelance job exchanges will help you find a job.

So should you go for a telecommuting job

So should you go for a telecommuting job
How remote work is arranged in Portugal in 2020 8

Remote work is not uniquely suited to everyone. There’s a certain type who needs a sense of teamwork; others can’t get started without the empathetic guidance of a supervisor. But for some, neither society nor directive guidance matters. It’s those employees who value their freedom that remote work or freelancing will do. There are a lot of advantages: freedom of action, any work schedule, the salary is limited only by your dedication and skills. There is an opportunity for constant growth – you will finally become a director, albeit for yourself. After all, it is important to be able to set up for work and bring it to mind.

Each team can work remotely when it’s important to work with the right people and have strong communication systems in place.

If you want to save time on the road and make an office at home, think about where you spend that time. It’s important to fill your need for socialization, otherwise, you run the risk of shutting yourself out of your home forever. That’s why it’s important to get outdoors and keep in touch with friends – that’s the cardinal rule of freelancing.