How to move to Portugal with MoveToCascais

Let's be honest, moving to another country permanently is stressful for everyone
And doesn't everyone want the whole process to be easy and without nerves? Surely you also have a troublesome experience of moving to another country, not just to a new apartment. And there are visas, documents, housing, work, children, communication... Not a very rosy picture when you look at all these issues, right?

When you finish reading this, you will learn how you can make the whole process of moving to Portugal very simple, comfortable and reliable. You will learn what truly quality and up-to-date immigration consulting is all about.
Hi, my name is Yuri Yurchik and I am the managing partner of MoveToCascais
Not long ago I lived and worked in Kyiv and was slowly thinking about moving from the big city, which was tormented by coronavirus. Although, to be honest - not at all in Portugal, but in understandable and beloved by me Carpathians. Already looked at the site, and the project is slowly sketching.

Any idea of moving to another country made me upset by the great number of questions that arise, to which I had no answer. But it didn't last long...
I was standing on a cliff. The thought pulsed in my head, "The ends of the earth." It took my breath away, but with the first inhale the thought changed to "Why not stay?" and the exhale brought "I really want this. For myself and for my family."
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A month before these emotions, I, like all of us, was trying to adjust to permanent lockdown and the consequences it had for both my work and my personal life.

Times were notoriously strange - and in the evenings, around the family table, my wife and I were increasingly discussing - how good it would be to move right away from the semi-closed city.

On one such evening I got a call on Whatsapp. It was a good and old friend of mine, and we hadn't seen each other for a year. The reason for this separation was the ubiquitous quarantine that overtook him in Portugal during a tourist trip.

But that turned out to be a good thing, as it was a country he'd been eyeing for a long time to settle down in. And the forced quarantine served as a catalyst for this process.
My friend called me to tell me about his plans to stay in Portugal.

He didn't go into details, saying only to come here and that there's a lot to do. In general, he offered to come and see everything and get the possibility of staying in the neighborhood. No one can refuse such a good offer, so in two weeks my wife, I and our children landed in Lisbon airport.

We did not intend to stay here, we only wanted to explore. But I consider myself an experienced man in many respects, so I prudently gave instructions to my relatives in Kiev, where everything was, in case we were going to be delayed. And what if we are gone forever?
The thoughts I described above were running through my head after two days, when we went on an excursion to Cape Cabo de Roca, the westernmost point of Eurasia
In general, at that moment I decided that I had to stay.

But of course I was faced with a big and fat question mark, which represented all the misunderstanding of the process of applying for a residence permit (which is essential if you want to live and work in the country) and finding housing, and how to deal with the work processes and the business I had left in Ukraine in general.

And what about children - school and kindergarten? And who do I have to communicate with here? And what to do here, what to do other than enjoy the views?
It wasn't until I was led by the hand to a local immigration lawyer that clarity about immigration came. Before that, several days of wandering through forums and groups had not resulted in anything but confusion in my head.

In about 40 minutes I had a plan ready in my head as to the path of paperwork, planned to get a tax number and make arrangements at the bank to open an account. That's when I realized what a big difference it makes if I try to figure out the details myself without any training or acquaintance.

And when all the everyday questions were gone - the kids were fixed, babysitters found, leisure time provided (as we arrived on the fairly prepared ground) - I began to understand, how convenient it is to do business remotely in the modern world.
And so, a couple of months after my arrival, the documents were collected and submitted to the immigration service - the guys advised me to apply as a highly qualified person, so the appointment was close enough and the visit to the migration service itself was passed with flying colors. And another month later I received a residence permit (residence card).
After going through the whole process with such ease and confidence, inspired by the professional approach of local specialists, I realized that all the problems are only in my head.

If I have helpers who can help me with advice and help me with things, everything falls into place and all that is left is to move forward - step by step.
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For years I have heard talk about how difficult it is to move. "Who needs us there," "The prices there are so high," "There's nothing to do there," and similar arguments. In fact most stereotypes are absolute nonsense and everything is very easy, if you set your mind to it and find a good immigration consultant.

The real problem is that people build walls for themselves, they are afraid to look behind them. And the world is a big world... And you can have a great and interesting life. For example, as I and my family live now, here in Portugal.As soon as this realization was rooted in me, I began to understand how important it is to help change your life for the better! That's how the MoveToCascais service was born. And it's called that because me and our whole friendly team talk about our move to this wonderful, fabulous town - Cascais.

Our service provides immigration consulting when you move to this wonderful country! This is what helps people take the first step to meet their dream life. Allows you to look out from behind the walls of daily life and truly see the world from a broader perspective. It helps from the very beginning of the journey to the result - making the process of moving into an adventure out of anguish.
Just under a year has passed since I moved in and became a partner in this project. In that time I have personally invited and helped four of my acquaintances to move, and they and their families already live in the neighborhood. Dozens of people contact us for free consultation and many, having seen a clear and understandable path to their goal - have already become our full-fledged clients. And despite the ongoing pandemic and border scandals, they come (there are always ways to do it) or start the process right from their own country.

When I first started, I didn't fully realize what an interesting mission I was on. Receiving positive feedback from grateful clients who are truly happy with their new lives - I realize how cool what we do is. And it's more stimulating than a great Brazilian coffee at my favorite Lisbon café.
We immediately agreed that in order to provide truly high-quality service at a level that allows you to count on a guaranteed result and comfort for customers - we need to adopt the best practices that are embodied in modern technology services.
And this is a quick response to a fairly wide range of issues, in a client-friendly interface. That's how our product - M.consult - was born. The letter "M" here is both the first letter of MoveToCascais and the first letter in the word "mobile."

It is the mobility of this service that allows us to make such associations - because communication takes place exclusively in a messenger convenient for the client, at a time convenient for the client.

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Of course, this was not easy to implement. Creating a huge knowledge base necessary for the prompt processing of requests took a lot of time and effort. By the way, it kept growing and eventually grew into manual book “How to Move to Paradise.” After all, we thought – why not allow everyone to understand the process of obtaining a residence permit in Portugal on their own? No problem 👍 ✅

With M.consult by MoveToCascais, what used to take agonizing hours of armchair negotiations with lawyers, accountants, immigration consultants, realtors and bankers – and it cost a lot of money – is in your pocket and allows you to solve pressing issues of moving, what is called, “on the go.”

Fast and streamlined, so you can get on with your business without the distraction of surfing the internet looking for information or sitting in traffic for hours on your way to another “consulting” meeting.

You don't have to take my word for it. Look at what others say about us:
But before I make you an offer, I want to ask you this question:
Would you like to move to a new, better life - Portugal 🇵🇹 - easily and without hassle?
For a price that equals the cost of one night in a decent hotel - you will receive an individual step-by-step plan for moving and preparing / submitting documents for obtaining a residence permit.

You also get a whole set of additional bonuses!
Now, since it is impossible to list in detail here all the aspects and benefits you will receive from our service, we will focus only on some of them.
►► We will determine the most suitable option for you to obtain a residence permit and registration of all necessary documents.

►► We will help you find a home that will best meet your needs.

►►► We can help with the opening of a company, bank account, obtaining a tax number

►► We can help with setting up children in school or kindergarten, find clubs and sections, organize tutors in Portuguese.

►►►We'll help you get settled in: we'll introduce you to a great and very interesting community. Picnics, get-togethers, neighborhood gatherings, Saturday night poker, tennis, golf, surfing and other fun things to do together.
Also, if you need, we have such a bonus: our assistance in obtaining a special tax status - which will allow absolutely officially not to pay taxes on all income received outside of Portugal. In addition, a full range of corporate services, help with starting a business, getting credit, insurance, licenses etc.

As you understand, all these services individually will usually cost several thousand euros. Because just one hour of immigration consulting costs from 100 to 300 euros. Not to mention the cost of all other services, which can vary greatly, but in general, the final figure will definitely be with three zeros.

But even if you had to lay out several tens of thousands of euros for this whole range of services - it would probably be worth it. Because a new, high-quality and simply cool life by the ocean - what could be more important?
►►►Special tax status

►►►►Corporate services

►►► Help with the setup Business

►►► Help in getting credit

►►►Forget Insurance

Of course, I'm not going to suggest that you make a purchase for that kind of crazy money. Our offer M.consult PLUS+ covers all the above issues (and much more) and costs all €150.
And even more, we assume all obligations and risks - and give you an ironclad guarantee - if, for any reason, you're not satisfied with the service - we'll give you your money back.

No questions, no arguments.

And these are not just words - it's reflected in our Terms of Use and Return Policy (which you can read at the bottom of this page).
But you should act now, because we are constantly raising the price of this offer - about every 3-4 weeks. After the increase, the price will not be the same!
Just imagine the prospects, opportunities and joys of life that you and your family can enjoy. Moving to Portugal will allow you to live a truly rich and interesting life. And with our help this process will be as easy as possible. We will help you take the first step towards your dream life!
So don't put your life on hold - click on the ORDER button below and you will be redirected to a page where our M.consult PLUS+ offer is described in more detail and where there is a payment form below.
For those who decide to take advantage of our offer - we will immediately messenger you the details and arrange a time when it will be convenient for you to conduct a full consultation.
And finally, it's worth saying that it doesn't really matter if you accept this offer or not. We will still help those who decide to move to sunny, healthy and beautiful Portugal. I guess that sounds harsh, but we are all makers of our own happiness - and it's hard to disagree with that. So everything is in your hands.

Press the button - change your life for the better!