Cascais in perspective


Thinking about moving to Cascais?

moving to Cascais

Discover the distinctive factors that make Cascais one of the best places to live.

Quality of Living

Every time we think about the quality of life, our thoughts turn to the goods and services available in big cities. But there are always downsides. More traffic, more people, more pollution and noise. That’s the other side of the coin, the one we’d rather not see. So that’s the question:
“Can you find the quality of life, peace, and charm in the same place?”
“Yes, you can. In Cascais!”

The feeling of being home

Feeling like home

In Cascais, you will immediately feel “at home.” The municipality of Cascais does everything to make you feel welcome. If you don’t speak Portuguese, here’s another surprise. All of the world’s most widely spoken languages are spoken in this city. Including Russian.

Health care system

In Cascais, they understand that the health care system is truly important for those seeking a quality of life. 

In Portugal, when it comes to health care, you have at your disposal a wide and efficient network of health facilities of the National Health Service (SNS). There is also a wide range of private, modern medical facilities. Portugal also has an integrated emergency medical system, SIEM, ready for a rapid response to any emergency. It is important to emphasize that the World Health Organization ranks the Portuguese public health system as the 12th best.

As far as Cascais is concerned, it is one of the best-equipped municipalities, with a modern hospital infrastructure and highly qualified medical services, which is reflected in the speed and efficiency of their services.


Education in Cascais

Living and studying in Cascais is easy. There are public and private schools. For families with children, there is a wide variety of educational institutions that will meet your specific needs. There are several schools with curricula from different countries. For students, in addition to the options available from educational institutions along the coast, there are excellent universities in the capital, just 25 minutes away by car or train.


Lack of news is good news

The phrase fits perfectly when it comes to safety in Cascais. All we can say is that it is a quiet, peaceful city with almost 205,000 inhabitants, where it is safe to walk even at night. In Cascais, you will always feel safe.

Real Estate

When you decide to look for a house in Cascais, your only concern will be figuring out which one to choose. Whether it depends on location or architecture, there are more than enough offers on the market.

Are you looking for a home with an amazing view of the vast blue ocean and the scent of the sea in your garden? Or in a century-old restored palace that retains the design and charm of the past, with all the amenities you could only dream of? Or the perfect home in a luxury condominium with all the services included? 

Cascais has the most unusual homes of all types and styles with a variety of furnishings. Finding your dream home will be simple and easy.

In Cascais, there is a house built just for you. Come and live in it.

Tax advantages

There are many tax advantages you get when you move to Cascais. From the benefits offered by the special fiscal regime applicable to foreign nationals who decide to start living in Portugal, to those offered by the Golden Visa Portugal program. And we will continue to introduce them to you in more detail in future articles of our blog!


Living in Cascais is like having a house with an open door to the world. The city is 25 minutes from the airport and from Lisbon. From here you can go wherever you like and it doesn’t take much effort. For local travel, or if you want to explore Portugal outside of Cascais, there is always easy access to a choice of means of transport to suit all tastes. Whether it is public transport, renting or buying a car, a boat or even a plane, the choice is yours.



In Cascais, you can find the most beautiful scenery for every taste.

On the one hand, you can immerse yourself in the vastness of the spectacular Atlantic Ocean, and on the other, you will find the tranquility and energy of the mountains of Sintra. 

Live surrounded by nature, but with all the comforts of home. If your dream is to combine the best of city life with life in the countryside, closer to nature, come and live in Cascais.

Sports facilities

Sports in Cascais

If the kind of life you and your family are looking for includes sports, Cascais is the perfect place for you. Its ideal location between the mountains and the sea will provide you with plenty of leisure and sporting opportunities. From the most adventurous to the most relaxing. How to spend an active time we also tell you in our blog. 10 ideas for spending time in Cascais


Those who live in Cascais always find plenty of ways to relax and have fun. From cultural to sporting events. There are often themed or seasonal fairs and celebrations. Of course, never forgetting the simple pleasure of shopping in traditional stores or large department stores, you will always find a program to suit you.