Life in Portugal. The Story of a Journey or How to Fall in Love with the Pearl of Western Europe

Life in Portugal in 2020. The story of one trip or how to fall in love with the pearl of Western Europe

Life in Portugal

Life in Portugal
Life in Portugal in 2020. The story of one trip or how to fall in love with the pearl of Western Europe 7

Portugal is a country that attracts with its tranquility and beauty. Modern culture is harmoniously entwined with ancient architecture. Tourists who have been here once want to come back and enjoy the comfort that only Portugal can offer. Cascais, for its part, combined all the traditions of the Portuguese people. It captivates visitors and many stays for good. And so it was with the heroine of our story.

One Journey

One Trip
Life in Portugal in 2020. The story of one trip or how to fall in love with the pearl of Western Europe 8

Anna has always loved to travel and has traveled almost all over Europe. She decided where to go a few hours before departure. After all, in her opinion, that’s how you get real emotions.

Waking up one morning, Anna decided that this weekend was worth spending in Portugal. Friends had long told her about the coastal town of Cascais. It was not as famous and popular as London, Paris, Prague, or Berlin. There were legends about these cities, but Anna was the kind of person who was much more attracted to the unknown.

So after disembarking at the Portuguese airport, she headed for Cascais. At first glance, the city seemed ordinary and unremarkable. The girl went to look for a place to stay. She was surprised that everything was oriented to the budget tourist. She rented a cozy room in a beautiful place and then went to explore the area. And she spent the least amount of money!

What’s the first thing that strikes you about Portugal?

What's the first thing that strikes you about Portugal?
Life in Portugal in 2020. The story of one trip or how to fall in love with the pearl of Western Europe 9

Even after the first walk along the promenade, you can notice the leisurely pace of the Portuguese. It’s not until lunchtime that they start to get into their work schedule. And before that, they always have a good breakfast and coffee. This is why there are so many author coffee houses in Cascais. Each of them has its characteristics. Ar Mar O Cafe was the first of those that our heroine visited. In addition to delicious coffee, another feature was immediately revealed – an amazing view of the lakes, the ocean, and the trees. In the quietness and tranquility of the coffee house, the love for the city began – delicious coffee and singing birds melted the heart of the traveler.

After visiting all the prominent places and getting to know the city better, Anna decided to stay there. A decision made in a few days changed the girl’s life dramatically.

Life in Cascais

Life in Cascais
Life in Portugal in 2020. The story of one trip or how to fall in love with the pearl of Western Europe 10

After moving to Portugal, it wasn’t hard to find a job. Portugal’s market has been faster lately, so there are plenty of job offers. In addition, there are branches of well-known companies open in Portugal – a chance for those who want to get a famous job. In addition, the city is open to start-ups – businessmen can also get a visa if they decide to start their own business. For those who want to do something creative and promising, there are young projects by other newcomers to the business. Another possibility is remote work and freelancing.

That means anyone can get a job and not only find something to do but also get paid a pretty penny for it.

The main feature of the city is the local population, which speaks excellent English. Newcomers can easily get accustomed even without knowing Portuguese. However, Portuguese proficiency is required for employment and enrollment in academic institutions.

It’s been two years since the move. The streets of Cascais, which at first glance seemed foreign to Anna, have become her home. Her preferences have also changed. People here support domestic producers, and when choosing between Starbucks and an author’s coffee shop, they choose the latter. For them, it is important to feel the atmosphere of their native city.

What else has changed:

  • Anna now uses soaps from a Portuguese company and is not particularly attracted to other brands.
  • She travels a lot in Portugal.
  • Anna, like the general population, uses a bicycle rather than a car.

The cuisine in Cascais is the most attractive. The coastal town provides itself with seafood (and not only itself, but also neighboring towns). Therefore, most restaurants serve a variety of seafood delicacies. There are many restaurants in the city for all tastes. In addition to traditional cuisine, they serve oriental and Italian dishes. This is all complemented by the wine and port for which the country is famous.


What helped the most to adapt in the first few months were the people. Anna quickly blended in with the local girls. For them, it is customary to look well-groomed and natural. By the way, makeup is applied very rarely – the girls believe that the moisturizer is enough to be beautiful.

The Portuguese areas are unhurried at work as they are in ordinary life. There’s no strict discipline, but workers are held accountable to deadlines and their tasks.

How fast did you get your citizenship?

Anna has only lived in Cascais for two years — and it must take at least five to get citizenship. That’s why she hasn’t received a passport yet. The right to stay in the country gives work visa and residence permit. It was easy enough to get it after signing a contract. She found a job already in her country – on job search sites. She had a good level of English-which helped her get the job after the interview.

Anna believes that everyone can achieve their dreams. The main thing is to find the motivation and the place where one wants to live.

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