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Moving, living and working in Portugal. Interview from Paradise with Dmitry.

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Friends, hi! It’s me, Yurchik Yuri, and our MoveToCascais service. Today we continue our favorite column “Interviews from Paradise”. Our guest today came to us straight from St. Petersburg. Dmitry has had a rather complicated journey and he settled in Portugal just about a month ago. He is going to tell us what motivated him to move, why he decided to stay in Portugal, and what he does here. 


Thisis is just a small part of a big interview where Dima and I discussed all the important issues of legalization and life in Portugal. Go to our YouTube channel and watch the full version!

Life and work in Portugal

– Dima, hi! How did you get to us, how did you arrive. How do you get to Portugal now?

– Yes, a common question, that worried me too: how to get to Portugal. Turns out it’s very easy if you think about it and really want to come here. For the last 11 years I worked for a large organization in the sales department, changed 3 or 4 positions. But as you know, times are tough right now. The pandemic has touched me as well – I’ve kind of been downsized.

Then I thought it was the right time to fulfill all the dreams that had been planned but not realized because of the work. I made the decision that I wanted to move, but I had my doubts. For three months I watched many different videos, including MoveToCascais.

There was a lot of information on the internet, it appeared to be often different from reality, but you were the one that said everything quite objectively. Then I made the decision to call and decide book a consultation. Already in the phone I found out all the answers to all my questions, bought the tickets, and therefore I am here.

– And how did it happen that I chose Portugal?

– The day I was asked to leave the company due to job cuts, coming home I was of course very upset. After 11 years in the same organization all the employees and colleagues were already family and friends. I sat down, if memory serves, opened a bottle of champagne or wine and I got a call from a company that was training people interested in starting a restaurant business.

I was already interested in moving before that, searching the Internet for information on getting a residence permit, how to move, etc. Then I came across a magazine with a story about a young man who moved with his family. Before that he had been a top manager in some northern Russian city, and had recently moved to Portugal and opened a cafe.

I read this article, I loved the description of Portugal. Of course, there were some things there that didn’t suit him: not knowing the language, incomprehensible business environment in another country, but that didn’t scare me much. And there I found a link to Ekaterina Rodionova, who conducted training on restaurateur business from A to Z in Portugal: how to find customers, how to find me, how to find sponsors, how to find a location. In general, everything about restaurateurism.  I took a free course, but then decided not to continue. And then, at exactly the moment when I get cut, my manager Yulia calls me and offers to move on. I thought to myself: “This is a chance! My hands are completely free, I can do whatever I want.

And so I began to untwist the thorny path to Portugal: documents, language skills, finding suppliers, finding a place (originally I wanted to open on the beach, but I quickly became convinced that this was virtually unrealistic). And, as I said, looking for the right information, I came across your company. I called, talked about everything. Then they explained everything to me simply: you say, “Yes, I want to move,” and we split the entire cost of the entire legalization process into three parts. That, by the way, was very convenient! You don’t worry about sending a whole bunch of money somewhere – everything happens gradually. Next was the process with the paperwork and it wasn’t long before I was in Portugal for the first time.


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