Open a restaurant in Portugal? Easy! An interview with Katya Rodionova about moving to Portugal.

Open a restaurant in Portugal? Easy! An interview with Katya Rodionova about moving to Portugal

Hello to all from sunny Portugal

We recently had a visit from the beautiful, energetic and intelligent Katya Rodionova a – restaurateur, entrepreneur, consultant, and teacher.

    • 13 years in the restaurant business;
    • 15 successful projects;
    • 6 years of teaching at various specialized schools in the restaurant business;
    • hundreds of students;
    • author online courses for novice restaurateurs.

This interview will not leave anyone indifferent, and those who dream of having their restaurant on the Atlantic coast will have their heart beating faster!”

So what do you learn:

  • How it took ten days to realize that Portugal is “the right” place for a restaurateur.
  • How to survive when disaster sneaks up on you – transform and go online.
  • Why starting a company and getting a residence permit shouldn’t be a concern for an enterprising person if there’s someone to guide you on the spot.
  • How to keep your head in the cold when you can’t even plan for the medium term – Top advice for entrepreneurs who want to open their restaurant.
  • What is the true love of food.
  • Why you shouldn’t be afraid to be afraid but should learn to interact with your fears.
  • Why planning is bullshit compared to seeing your life.
  • Why the risks of living in Russia don’t speak at all in favor of moving back.
  • Why 70 years in Portugal is the age of flourishing, not fading.

The interview was conducted by Yuri Yurchik (Instagram @yurchikyury), chief operating officer of MoveToCascais, a service for moving to Portugal. To his confession, he enjoyed talking to such an interesting girl. We join him in his words) Thanks, Katya! Subscribe to Katya on social networks: Facebook Instagram

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