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Questions about startup visa in Portugal. Requirements for obtaining and benefits

Friends, hello, everyone. It is no secret that for many years Portugal has been at the top of the rankings of countries with the most developed ecosystem for business in the world. Every year dozens of startups are born in the country, and many of them are created by guest entrepreneurs. This is due to the innovation program, which since 2018 has been recognized as Europe’s best startup visa that provides residency assistance. Today we will discuss the most popular questions related to obtaining a startup visa in Portugal.

What is a “startup visa” Portugal

The Portuguese “startup visa” is a special program for entrepreneurs that aims to develop fast-growing areas such as high-tech or IT. These startups easily outpace hundreds of projects under other entrepreneurial visas, so this visa program has the highest priority.

The Portuguese Startup Visa Program is a special program that focuses on high-growth areas such as high-tech or IT.

What are the benefits of a startup visa in Portugal

  • Portugal “works for you” – it helps with the support of your business, assigning a facilitator (gas pedal or incubator) to the project, which provides support to new start-ups for a nominal fee (about 50 euros per month). The facilitator provides coaching, access to investors, partners, does casdevs, includes your project in grant programs, etc.
  • No additional costs required before coming to the country.
  • No language exam required.
  • No business registration required in advance.
  • Up to 5 applicants and their families receive visas. 
  • Visa is renewable only once (issued for two years, renewable for three years).

What are the requirements when applying for a startup visa in Portugal

StartUP Portugal considers applications from those wishing to develop a business with an estimated turnover of 325,000 euros per year and/or a similar value of assets within five years of the start of the acceleration program.

The project must be innovative and capable of creating additional jobs in the country. The following selection criteria for applicants wishing to start a startup and obtain a visa in Portugal have been established:

  • age over 18 years old;
  • no criminal record;
  • have the necessary amount of money in a bank account (just over 5 thousand euros per year per person).

Application for a visa can be made online at any time on the program’s website