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Would you like to register a company in Portugal in the shortest time?
With MoveToCascais it is possible!

We can help you start a company in Portugal while you are still outside the country.
With us, you will forget about bureaucratic costs! The entire registration process will take place remotely.

Your personal manager will work with you and be available to help you with any difficulties and questions you may have during the registration process.

Let us do the hard work. We’ve simplified the process of starting a company in Portugal into 4 simple steps.

Open your company in Portugal in 4 simple steps
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    Prepare the necessary documents

    To register a company in Portugal you will need to prepare a scan of your passport and a NIF. If you do not have an individual NIF tax number or do not know how to obtain one, please contact us and we will be happy to help!

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    Apply for registration on our website

    Fill out our online form and we will contact you shortly.

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    Confirm company registration application

    Take a short online identity check.

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    Get confirmation of your company registration in Portugal!

    You will receive a confirmation of your company registration status in Portugal in 3-5 working days from the moment of your application.

Frequently Asked Questions

The most popular choice for registering a company in Portugal is LDA - limited liability company. It is also possible to register a sole proprietorship in Portugal.

When filling out the registration form, you must indicate the shareholding structure of your company, which basically means the way you own and manage the company. In Portugal, it is possible to register up to 4 shareholders in one company. However, please note that you also have the possibility to create a company with one shareholder (Unipessoal LDA).

In Portugal it is possible to become shareholders of a company only after reaching the age of majority (18+).


We are happy to help you open a bank account in Portugal. All you need to do to make an order - go to this link and fill out a simple online form.

When registering, you will have to specify the capital of the company. This amount must be transferred to your company's bank account within one year of opening.

We provide a legal address for your company in Portugal. It will be listed in the documents you will receive by email. All corporate mail relating to your company received at this address will be digitized and emailed to you.

In general, the Articles of Incorporation are sent within 3 business days of your application.

The company will be incorporated within one week.

Here is what you need to register a company in Portugal:

Fill out the form and get started with your COMPANY REGISTRATION


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