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Ordinary and trivial information about obtaining residency in Portugal can be found on any decent blog or Youtube channel.

But you will still be pulled into a consultation as soon as you want to go a little more in-depth.

The usual cost of a consultation is in the range of 150-300 euros per hour.

But there is always an additional list of questions – and that again 150-300 euros per hour.

Perhaps more clarifications are needed…and that’s a cost again!

Why use the old methods when it’s 2021? Why go to someone’s office to get incomplete information anyway? Isn’t it easier to messenger (as questions arise) and get all the answers? 

moving to Portugal

Forget it!!!

Now you can take advantage of M.consult – and get ALL the answers to ALL your questions about moving to Portugal easily and completely – at the best possible conditions!

– As and when you need it;
– As and when you want it;
– Any clarifications or new questions.

Just messenger or email us and we’ll respond to every request – thoroughly and concretely.

You can do this as long as you buy the service and without having to waste time in the office in person (or even on Skype calls).

We know that it’s simply IMPOSSIBLE to get all the answers (even if you prepare very carefully) in an hour or two of personal consultation, as is usually the case. That’s why we created the M.Consult service. It allows us to fully and qualitatively serve our clients, who can get all the answers to all questions without rushing, and step by step – from general information to sort out the pros and cons of options for obtaining a residence permit.

HOWEVER, the M.consultant service from MoveToCascais is the best, most convenient and informative offer on the market!

It’s only cheaper to google yourself – but, in that case, the quality and relevance of the information will always be questionable.

What's the difference...

Look at this figure – he’s a typical, popular Internet immigration consultant.

The habit of counseling for hourly pay is evident even in this short video. In reality, this video would turn into a multi-episode movie with this kind of reaction.

In reality, this video would turn into a multi-episode movie with this kind of reaction.

And here's how it goes with our M.Consult service

No need to go anywhere and listen to tedious conversations!
From the very beginning, our communication will take place in a convenient for you messenger interface. We put everything in writing with step-by-step instructions, addresses, check-ins and passwords.

How it works

We will contact you via messenger at your convenience. We answer in detail and with a description of all the specific steps and actions. Questions can be anything from the weather to specific documents and procedures. Also, right from the start we take your specific situation apart and develop a customized moving and filing scenario. 

When you purchase a M.consult service, we create a client card and assign a responsible manager. The data we enter is essential to track your query history and understand your individual requests and needs. They are constantly updated and allow us to “guide” you through the entire process of moving and obtaining a residence permit.

We build your individual route from point “A” (where you are just beginning your journey to your dream life) to point “B” (before you move and apply for a residence permit) – and guide you through it. In the process, we answer any questions you may have, as well as share interesting and useful information – tailored to your individual needs. 

With our MoveToCascais service, you can save a lot of money on expensive consultants, lawyers and other high-paying professionals.

They allow us to compete successfully in the immigration consulting market.

We provide this service in the most convenient and accessible format - when it's convenient for you, where it's convenient for you.

Checklist "36 things you need to move" - so you won't miss anything.

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For only 300 euros you get ALL the information you need to move!
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