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Please order your Portugal NIF with our simple online form. Our site works on all devices, including smartphones, tablets and computers.

Just fill out our online form to start the process. You can expect to receive your Portugal NIF within 1 week.

We’ll keep you up to date on every step of the process. If you have any questions, you can always contact us by email or any other convenient method.

Documents required for NIF processing:

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    Sign your power of attorney

    This will allow your fiscal representative to request a NIF on your behalf.

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    Get your Portuguese NIF

    You will receive your NIF by email with the official PDF from Financas.

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SP NIF Online
SP NIF Online

Frequently Asked Questions

NIF (Número de Identificação Fiscal) is your tax identification number in Portugal. The NIF is needed to do many everyday things like open a bank account, connect a phone and apply for health insurance. NIF is sometimes called Número de Contribuinte.

NIF is a tax identification number in Portugal. It is a unique 9-digit number assigned to an individual by the Portuguese Tax and Customs Office (also called Finanças).
These are other terms used interchangeably with NIF:
  • Número de Contribuinte
  • Fiscal Identification Number (TIN)
  • Fiscal Number
  • VAT Identification Number

NIF is essential for anyone living in Portugal. You will need it for important tasks such as opening a bank account or renting an apartment. As of this writing, some consulates require applicants to have a NIF before they can apply for a resident visa.

NIF is required for anyone living in Portugal.

NIF is required for any official transaction in Portugal.

A few examples:

  • Opening a bank account
  • Long-term rental property
  • Buying or selling a property
  • Installing utilities (water, gas, Electricity
  • Signing a cell phone contract
  • Applying for a mortgage or other credit
  • School enrollment
  • Hiring for work in Portugal and receiving a salary
  • Purchasing social security and other benefits in Portugal
  • Paying and paying taxes in Portugal
  • Car purchase
  • Gaining a driving license
  • Inheriting Portuguese assets

You can usually expect to receive your NIF within 1 week. It may take longer if there are delays at the IRS.

In order to provide the NIF service, we need to offer two services:

1. Requesting a NIF from the Portuguese Tax Service.
After you place your order with MoveToCascais, one of our lawyers will submit a request for a NIF on your behalf. This is a one-time service, and once you receive your NIF, you will no longer need it.

2. Fiscal representation.
In order for our law firm to request a NIF on your behalf, it must be elected as your fiscal representative in Portugal. This is done by signing a power of attorney, which is provided to you after you place your order.

As your fiscal representative, our law firm can request a NIF on your behalf and is responsible for you receiving any notices from the IRS.

The fiscal representative may offer other legal services, but the services included in MoveToCascais' fiscal representation are limited to receiving the NIF and forwarding any communications from the Portuguese tax office.

After you have elected a fiscal pr For our clients, this usually means appointing yourself as a fiscal representative after you move to Portugal. 

In addition, if you are not going to become a tax resident in Portugal, you can choose another fiscal representative to cancel our current fees.

Below are the instructions for canceling MoveToCascais fiscal representation services.

Yes, but our fiscal representation services are limited to receiving your NIF and forwarding any messages from the IRS until you appoint a new fiscal representative.

We will connect you with a Portuguese lawyer who will be your fiscal (tax) representative and request a NIF on your behalf.

Just fill out the order form with your child's information. If your child is under the age of 18, both parents must sign a power of attorney. This document will be sent shortly after the ordering process is completed.

After receiving your NIF and obtaining an acceptable proof of address in Portugal (see details below), you can follow the instructions below to waive all current fiscal representation fees with MoveToCascais.

Step 1. Prepare the documents

Before applying for change of address, you need to prepare the following documents:

  • Your NIF PDF

  • Access to Portal das Finances. You will receive your password 3-4 weeks after you receive your NIF.

  • Certify your residential address in Portugal

Step 2: Request a change of address

Just follow these instructions to update your address with the Portuguese Tax Office.

Step 3. Get an updated NIF with a new address

After the IRS receives your request, they will issue you an updated NIF with your address in Portugal and remove our attorney as your fiscal representative. According to previous clients, this process can take about 1 month.

Step 4. Email the updated NIF to MoveToCascais

After receiving the new NIF, email a copy to us at contact@movetocascais.con and we will waive all future fiscal representation costs.

Document that serves as proof of address of residence outside of Portugal. Any of the following documents is acceptable:

1. Driver's license

Must be valid (i.e. not expired).
Present photos from the front and back

2. Front page of bank statement

For the last 3 months
The bank balance and transaction details may be hidden

3. Utility bill

Disbursed within the last 3 months


The name matches the name in the passport
The name matches the name in the passport

It must be an address of residence outside of Portugal
We do not accept PO Boxes or business addresses
Must match the address listed in the "Address of Residence" field on the checkout form
Provide an English or Portuguese translation if the document is not written in the Latin alphabet.
The text is clearly readable
Without shadows
No glare
All four corners of the document are visible

For minors:

If you are requesting a NIF on behalf of a minor, please include proof of address for one of the minor's parents.

The fiscal representation that our law firm offers is limited to the acquisition of your NIF. There are other services a fiscal representative can provide, but if you are interested in something other than obtaining a NIF, you will need to find a separate provider for those needs.

Fiscal representation

We generally recommend applying for a NIF within 12 months of moving to Portugal to save on the cost of fiscal representation.

You can cancel your fiscal representation at any time by updating your address with the Portuguese tax office.

This is the outline of our process:

1. Prepare the paperwork.

2. Place your order on our website -

3. Sign the power of attorney
  • After you place your order, we will review your documents and prepare a power of attorney that will be emailed to you. You will need to print, sign, scan and return the document to us by email.
    • Can I sign the power of attorney electronically?
4. MoveToCascais submits your request to the Portuguese Tax Office
5. Receiving your NIF
  • You will receive an email with your NIF number and an attached NIF document. The NIF document will serve as your NIF proof anytime someone asks for it from you.
6. Get a password to log in to Finances
  • MoveToCascais will request a password for you, which will be mailed to us. We will then forward it to you so you can log in to your account. It will take about 3-4 weeks since the password is sent by mail.
7. Updating your Portuguese address and cancelling our law firm's fiscal representation services

After you become a tax resident in Portugal, you can update your address with the tax office to cancel your MoveToCascais fiscal representation fees. For more information, see this article - How can I cancel the fiscal representation in MoveToCascais?

Yes, everyone needs their own NIF.

If you are married, you both need separate NIF numbers. Children also need their own NIF to get into school in Portugal.

You will also need a tax number for health insurance, a bank account (even if it's joint), a cell phone contract, etc.

The cost of requesting a NIF is $150 and includes one year (12 months) of fiscal representation.

EU citizens can request a Portuguese NIF themselves by contacting the tax office. However, if you want someone to request a NIF on your behalf (which is the case if you use MoveToCascais), you need to appoint a fiscal representative.

The only way to cancel the payment of the fiscal representative is to appoint a new fiscal representative (usually yourself, but it can also be another tax resident of Portugal).

After the Portuguese tax office issues you a NIF, this number will remain with you for life and cannot be revoked. With this in mind, we recommend that you only apply for a NIF if you have a clear need for it. If you have already received a NIF through MoveToCascais, but your plans have changed (i.e. you are no longer moving to Portugal), please email us to discuss how you should proceed with your current tax representation.

The NIF number issued to you by Financas is yours permanently. Your NIF does not expire and does not need to be renewed.

You will receive your NIF electronically. The Portuguese Tax Office will provide us with a PDF file containing your NIF and we will email it to you as soon as we receive it.

You will receive your NIF electronically.