Student visa in Portugal. All you need to know for registration.

Student visa in Portugal. All you need to know for registration.

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Portugal Student Visa

This article is a guide for those who need a Portuguese student visa, but don’t know what requirements to meet. If you want a Portuguese student visa, you must first apply. It may be different for residents of different countries. You also need to find out what kind of visa you can qualify for, its cost. You need to know what kind of visa you can apply for. Be aware that there are special conditions for foreign students in Portugal. For example, it is necessary to study the issue of work during your studies, as well as under what circumstances your family can come to you. Many people want to study in Cascais in order to stay here for permanent residence. This is true, but you need to know if you can apply for a job after you finish your studies

Who needs a student visa?

Who needs a student visa
Student visa in Portugal. All you need to know for registration. 5
After graduation, an applicant may not take an exam in his or her home country but prepare for language and proficiency testing in Portugal. If you’re an adult, you can also qualify for higher education in Portugal, regardless of age or current profession. Keep in mind that in both cases higher education will be paid (you can count on a grant while you study). To start their studies, most applicants will need a Portuguese student visa. The only exception is for those who are residents of an EU country – they do not need an exit permit. The only exception is for those who are residents of an EU country – they do not need an exit permit. For everyone else, a Portuguese student visa will be required if the course lasts more than three months. After that, a residence permit is issued by the Portuguese Immigration and Borders Service (SEF) for the entire period of study (3-4 years). If you come for an internship or an educational program for less than 90 days, you can apply for a tourist visa or a short-term visa for educational programs that last less than three months. All documents are obtained at the Portuguese embassy or consulate in the country of current residence.

Types of Portuguese student visas

Who needs a student visa
Student visa in Portugal. All you need to know for registration. 6
The following visas and permits are available.

Schengen short-term visa (less than 90 days)

Visa for non-EU countries. Suitable for citizens who want to study in Portugal on a short-term course or those who come for academic research. The type of visa is C.

Portuguese student visas and residence permits (more than 90 days)

Any program that lasts more than 90 days will require a long-term Portuguese student visa type D. The student then needs to apply for a residence permit, which must be approved within 90 days of arrival. The residence permit lasts one year. If the course of study lasts longer than one year, the permit is extended for up to five years.

Residence permit in Portugal for researchers

The student visa is also called an academic visa in case the person is not coming for the purpose of studying, but to conduct research after obtaining a doctoral degree. The duration of the visa ranges from three months to a year. In some cases it is possible to extend it – the doctor applies for a special residence permit for this purpose. This will allow him, unlike students, to engage in studies and paid research work. Also, the person is entitled to employment in a position that requires high qualifications.

Applying for a study visa to Portugal

Applying for a Study Visa to Portugal
Student visa in Portugal. All you need to know for registration. 7
To get a visa, you have to fill out an application and submit it to the Portuguese consulate or embassy in your country. You will first need to learn Portuguese and preferably back up your knowledge with a Portuguese international test. Such a document will increase your chances of getting a visa. Next, you need to get a provisional enrollment in a group at a university in Portugal. Student visas are issued not only for studying at the university but also for “places of education”.

List of documents

For example, for Type C visas before you will need: In order to obtain a residence permit, a valid visa and proof of payment of tuition fees may additionally be required. After applying for a Portuguese student visa, the approval process can take one to three months. It all depends on the country of current residence.

Visa costs

The cost of a Portuguese student visa is approximately €60 for a short-term visa and €99 for a long-term visa. The cost of the application is reduced to 35 euros for citizens of Kosovo, Russia, Georgia, and Ukraine.

Work in Portugal while studying

EU students can work in Portugal without special permission. Students from other countries who have a visa and a residence permit can work, provided they get permission from the SEF. Students can also request permission for research work, academic teaching, or participation in highly skilled activities if they have the necessary skills and qualifications. Another category of permits is the one for volunteers or interns who are engaged in unpaid activities. In this case, the employer submits the application.

Work and life after college

The only way they can extend their residency is if they get a job. In that case, the residence permit changes: the one designed for salaried workers, researchers, highly skilled professionals, or self-employed workers is issued. You can also apply for the EU Blue Card, which is available for highly skilled workers from non-EU countries.

Family relocation

If you are a student in Portugal and have a valid study permit, your spouse and children are eligible to live with you: minors, those on your support, your spouse’s children, and adopted minors. You will need to provide proof of kinship and apply for a visa.


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