Portugal's advantages for retirees

The best investment of my life. An investment that brings not only income.

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Ocean, soccer, port, bullfighting. A dream? A television program? Or the ordinary life of an ordinary man, at the right time and in the right direction changed his life? Of course, the second option. I know, it sounds like a fairy tale. But why “it sounds like a fairy tale. I’m actually living in a fairy tale right now. I live and can not believe that this is reality and now it will always be with me. I live and can not understand why this opportunity did not present itself to me before? Maybe someone on the other side of the planet is waiting for my story. So let’s get to it.

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Why I chose Portugal

The colorful country in Western Europe on the Atlantic coast is rarely mentioned in the world news. For many, Portugal remains distant and not just distant, but not in an interesting way. We live, after all, based on the information we get from TV screens and the Internet. And what channel can you name that will tell me how cool it is to live in another country, and even describe in detail what citizens should do to move? It’s not acceptable online, either. Unless it is on topical forums, but you have to get there.

But let’s not get sidetracked. If you’re reading this material, it means you’ve stumbled upon the right source. All that’s left to do is to study it properly and take advantage of all the opportunities that are available and coming up.

Nothing in life is by chance. That I can guarantee you. It’s another thing when a person turns away from the signs of destiny of their own free will, and then is surprised that they’re out of luck….But not about that.

But that’s not the point.

So, I live in Portugal. I moved here in a moment of terrible crisis in my home country, in a moment of loss, in a moment of despair. I moved, taking risks, relying mostly on my inner voice. I still shudder from those memories. But not about that.

Briefly, why I moved. Crisis, loss, hopelessness, on the brink of despair and one last push. That’s a summary of my “three year story.” I’ve covered it before, I won’t go back. The point is that I chose Portugal, of all the countries in Europe. I chose it as a country suitable for development, for the realization of start-ups, for a quiet and stable life with my family.

There are jobs here. It is possible to find and even come on a work visa. But…If you go to work, you have to work. Immediately go out and work. Not to sit, not to walk along the ocean, not to take care of the children in kindergarten and school. And come here and work. And combine all the other pleasant things. I didn’t have a plan to look for a job. Part-time work, yes. Work, in the sense of a full-time job, no. First of all, my specialty is not a good income in Portugal. It’s enough to live on, but in this respect I had enough at home too. There was no point in exchanging “a piece of shit” for a piece of soap. I wanted to change the life of my family. And be close to my family. Unrealistic? Wrong. And my story proves it the best.

Why I chose Portugal
The best investment of my life. An investment that brings not only income. 4

The meaning of investing in Portugal

Simply put, I wanted a stable passive income. Stable and passive. What is it? It’s an investment. In our country in banks, in investments, in other countries in business, in industry. I did not see the point in investing money, say, in someone else’s company and waiting for it to “unwind”. The risk, the time… And I wanted a steady income right away, without waiting.

So I decided to “look for myself” in Portugal anyway.

A little about the “pluses” of the country. There are many beaches here. They stretch for tens of kilometers and have a “blue seal of quality”. It is a worldwide mark, confirming the cleanliness and livability for vacationers.

It is always warm here. In winter the temperature does not drop below +15 and in summer it is maximum +27. That is, there is no heat and no frost. It’s a stable temperature.

Now about the amounts. In terms of value, real estate is the same as in our country. Apartment on 45 square meters in the usual (not tourist area) comes out about 2.5-2.5 million rubles.

That’s why we started thinking about the future.

That’s why there are thoughts: whether an apartment or a country house. Here we need to start from the purpose of the move and the purpose of stay in Portugal. If the property is purchased for yourself, then you should start from your own preferences. In this case, most people choose a house closer to work or study. Those who have passive income and retirees prefer country houses in natural surroundings.

In Portugal, foreigners can choose neighborhoods closer to the center.

In Portugal, foreigners are completely free to buy real estate. And without residence permits, but simply as guests of the country. It is very convenient for investors and for those who simply move to live. There is no red tape, no queues and nervous paperwork at government agencies.

If you acquire real estate worth more than 40 million rubles (not one, in total), then in two months you get a residence permit not only in Portugal but also in the European Union.

And now a bonus. anyone who buys property in Portugal, for 10 years exempt from paying taxes. Shocker? Read on.

And for newcomers who get a job, there’s the possibility of a reduced rate of income tax.

There’s also the possibility of a reduced rate of income tax.

Yes, it is higher than in our country (20%). And the income in Portugal is not only wages, but also pensions, benefits, interest from deposits, profits from real estate, rents, etc.

You should remember that in Portugal it is not only wages, but also pensions, benefits, interest from deposits, profits from real estate, rents, etc.

Just remember, if you buy property in Portugal, you can sell it not earlier than five years. It is the law. But so far I have not met anyone who wants to sell real estate before that. There are different situations, but in my opinion, this law on the contrary, does not restrict the owner, but protects its ownership.

Who want to not just move to Portugal, and to open a small business in its territory, will be pleasantly surprised by how they are welcomed in the country.

The conditions for registration are as simple as possible, and “free niches” are plentiful. Live, Grow, Get Rich.

Purchasing property with a mortgage in Portugal is not like in most countries. On their own, local people go to a notary here. Visitors and even more so those who are outside the country always apply to an agency accredited by the state, or on their own (of course by contacting lawyers and notaries).

Guide for those wishing to move
The best investment of my life. An investment that brings not only income. 5

Guide for those wishing to relocate

What’s the first thing people who want to move choose? That’s right, the city.

A little guide to help you get your bearings.

The capital of Portugal is Lisbon. It’s the center, it’s the heart of the country. Here is a concentration of cultural life and business. Consequently, the price of real estate is higher than in other cities. You can choose a place to live in the city and on the coast.

Estoril and Cascais have consistently held the lead in terms of popularity among visitors. They are located near Lisbon. The airport is not far from each.

Tremendous infrastructure for tourists, a warm Atlantic climate, casinos and other delights.

The Riviera is the most expensive place. There are a lot of apartment buildings, a lot of hotels, very serious infrastructure. Almost no new buildings, but mansions and private coves with beaches are everywhere.

The Trojan Peninsula is located near the Sado River in the municipality of Grandola. Lots of luxury complexes on the coast, golfers are everywhere. Expensive place, expensive life. There are restaurants, casinos, etc. Dolphins live in the waters nearby. You can go on a tour boat at any time to admire them.

Madeira is an autonomous resort city in Portugal. There are practically no beaches in the usual sense of the word. It is possible to reach the ocean by special stairs or by throws. Silence, mountain air – the undoubted advantages for life. But such advantages also have an impact on real estate prices.

Many houses are built of natural stone and placed on slopes with views directly to the ocean. There are eucalyptus forests. Some homes are placed right in them. This is the ideal place for those who want to stay close to civilization, and close to nature as much as possible.

Algarve is a historic southern region of Portugal. It is very convenient in terms of transport accessibility. In the center, in the city of Faro there is an international airport. A lot of beaches, there are golf courses. But in terms of construction is difficult. If you move here, you need to carefully examine the documents and permits from the authorities. If you buy land and build a house from scratch, you need to be prepared for a long process of permits.

Who can be your neighbors? In addition to our fellow citizens in Portugal, there are many Chinese, Swedes, French and South Africans.

Swedish people are attracted by relocation programs. Scandinavians are attracted by the nature and living conditions. The French appreciate Portugal’s tax system more than anything else. And the Chinese, if surveys are to be believed, just love golf. Just kidding! Of course, the Chinese go to countries where life is freer than theirs and there are more opportunities for investment.

My move to Portugal
The best investment of my life. An investment that brings not only income. 6

My move to Portugal

I live in a fairy tale. Actually in a fairy tale, because memories of a past life are still fresh. It’s really a past life for me now. I will only come to visit, I will not go back for anything. You know what comes to mind? Life on the top floors of a luxury new building and life in a semi-basement. So, for the sake of understanding.

Incomparable. Portugal became my refuge in a moment of despair. That’s what I thought when I moved. Now I realize that this country is my new birthplace. The birthplace of my identity.

I have a passive stable income from investing in real estate, I have income from a small business selling in the country through an online store. It’s my personal investment and my money. I don’t depend on the mood of my boss. I don’t worry that I won’t get the money for a completed project on time. I don’t watch the news in fear that the bank I have a little savings in is going bust. That’s the past!”

I don’t live in a resort city. I live in resort country. The air here is amazing, incredible. I am exactly breathing.

I don’t suffer from temperature spikes or atmospheric pressure fluctuations. That’s not to say it’s a disadvantage of my homeland. I grew up there, I love my country and I will definitely go there to visit. But I will always live in Portugal.

I like warmth. And here in winter it’s +15. Can you imagine?

I bought a house to live in, and then I made an investment in real estate and I get passive income. Payments are not delayed here. And banks don’t take two or three days to process transactions. I write and it seems like fiction, but recently it was my life. Not so long ago it was the norm for me to pay the state for what I bought a property (I mean tax). And in Portugal they exempt you from paying taxes for 10 years.

The maintenance of the apartment a year comes out about 100 euros (if you reside permanently). If the apartment is closed and rented from time to time, the price will be lower. The average price of a rented apartment is 300-800 euros per month, a house – 1000, a villa – 3000.

The average price of a rented apartment is 300-800 euros per month.

You can pay income tax at a reduced rate. Yes, not always and not everyone. This rule applies to visitors. But it’s a great savings and an opportunity to unwind.

I breathe the ocean air and can walk along its coast any time of year.

I have no fear for my life and know that if I get sick, I will be helped and healed. I live. I used to exist and didn’t understand how to change things. It turned out to be simple. You just had to understand – either you change the place, or the place changes you. You don’t like it? Don’t be patient, see what you can do right now.

I told you my story. I hope it helps someone take the first step toward happiness.


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