The cost of living in Portugal

The cost of living in Portugal

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Average cost of living in Portugal

Average cost of living in Portugal
The cost of living in Portugal 5

The average cost of living in Portugal will largely depend on which part of the country you choose to live in. Lisbon and Cascais top the list of the most expensive cities in Portugal. Porto is also quite a bit behind, especially in terms of rental prices.

Is it expensive to live in Portugal? The answer to this question is not entirely straightforward. On the one hand, Portugal is still one of the cheapest countries in Western Europe, but, compared with the rest of the EU, it has lower wages and relatively high rental prices. With this in mind, it is worth talking about the cost of living in Portugal in more detail.

The cost of living in Portugal by area and city

When it comes to the cost of living in Portugal the country can be divided into two areas: the attractive but expensive west and south coast and the cheap (but less attractive) center and the east of the country, close to the Spanish border. In many regions and cities in this part of Portugal, life is much less active, so the jobs and employment opportunities there are noticeably fewer.

So for our list of the country’s cheapest and most expensive cities, we looked only at the most vibrant cities with the most activity, infrastructure and services, and plenty of jobs.

The most expensive city in the country is undoubtedly the capital Lisbon. Despite the generally low cost of living in Portugal, Lisbon is included in the list of the 100 most expensive cities in the world. Located near Lisbon, Cascais is not far behind the capital in terms of expensive living. As the second most populous city in the country, Porto is also one of the most expensive places to live in the country.

As for the most inexpensive places to live in Portugal, cities like Braga, Viseu, and Coimbra are the least likely to hit your wallet. Renting a house in these cities usually costs between 300 and 500 euros ($330 and $550) a month, and you’ll also spend significantly less on food, restaurants and entertainment than you would in Lisbon Caicais or Porto.

In these cities, you’ll spend a lot less than in Lisbon or Porto.

Housing costs in Portugal’s main cities

Housing costs in major Portuguese cities
The cost of living in Portugal 6

The following are the average rental prices for a one-bedroom apartment:

CityCost per month (EUR)Cost per month(USD)

Средняя стоимость коммунальных услуг для однокомнатной квартиры:

ServiceCost per month (EUR)Cost per month (USD)

The average total cost of utilities will end up being about 130 euros ($140) per month, but of course, a more specific figure will depend on your lifestyle, the size of your home, etc. For example, some urban areas may not have a central gas supply, in which case cooking and heating costs will be added to the electric bill.

Food and alcohol prices in Portugal

Food and Alcohol Prices in Portugal
The cost of living in Portugal 7

The table below shows the average prices of food and alcohol, as well as the cost of food in restaurants.

ProductsCost EURCost USD
Apples (per kilo)1.501.60
Bananas (per kilo)1.101.20
Chicken (per kilo)5.205.70
A dozen eggs1.701.80
Bread (500 g)1.101.20
Cheese from local producers (per kilo)7.107.80
Milk (per liter)0.600.70
Onions (per kilo)0.951
Potatoes (per kilo)0.850.90
Rice (per kilo)0.951
Bottle of water (one and a half liters)0.500.55

AlcoholCost EURCost USD
Bottle of wine (middle class)44.40
Locally brewed beer (0.5 liters)0.901
Imported beer (0.33 liters)1.802

Prices in restaurantsCost EURCost USD
Lunch at a cheap restaurant88.80
Lunch for two at a mid-range restaurant3033
Lunch at a fast-food chain66.60
Bottle of water11.10

Education cost

Португалия предлагает своим жителям бесплатное обязательное школьное образование. But if you choose private schools, you’ll have to pay for them.

This is the average monthly tuition in Portugal:

Education typeCost EURCost USD
Private preschool school300330
Private Basic Education School400440
International School800880

In terms of higher education institutions, your list of costs will also include the admission fee, which can vary from university to university, but the average is usually around 300 euros ($330).

The following is the average cost of higher education per year of study:

Type of universityCost EURCost USD

Health care spending

Health care costs
The cost of living in Portugal 8

Keep in mind that health care in the public system is mostly free, but if costs to see a public doctor, including an examination, do need to be incurred, they will average 5 to 40 euros ($5.50 to $54).

Type of medical serviceCost EURCost USD
Interview with a private doctor7077
Dental appointment5055
Cold medicine55. 50

Travel and transportation costs

Type of transportCost EURCost USD
Bus or subway ticket1.501.60
Monthly Pass3033
Boarding cab fare33.30
Cab fare per kilometer 0.500.55
Gasoline (per liter)1.401.50
New car (Volkswagen Golf)25,00027,500


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