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We are a relocation “full-stack” service. We’ve been helping people move to Portugal since 2020, and already hundreds of families have become our happy neighbors. We are located in the Cascais area, and our office is just a 20 minutes drive from Lisbon. 

We have solicitors on our side and professional Portuguese lawyers as contractors to handle all the aspects of the relocation process for our clients. So, if you are at the beginning of your journey to moving to this beautiful country – we’re here to help in the most convenient and friendly way!

Guarantee of stable income
We see such views everyday. And what about you?

By the end of this unpredictable (give me back my pandemic!!) year, we’re looking forward to 2023 with a glimpse of hope in our eyes)). And we really want to share it somehow with you, brave people, who are now considering moving to a new country, new life.

We’ve got a very special offer for everyone who will use our services until January 31st. Let it be a surprise, as is usual for this part of the year, but we will give you just a little disclaimer: the more family members you have – the better deal you’ll get!

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You may have heard that the bureaucracy here is quite annoying, and what can be done in weeks usually may take months. At the very beginning of our journey, we decided to confront this phenomenon. 

It took quite time, but we succeeded. Now, we can proudly say that our clients get results at least three times faster than competitors’. 

If it’s not the reason, then maybe you will like the convenience of a one-stop-shop. No more different meetings with confronting opinions – we’ll help you cover all your way down to happily living in Portugal with your family without unnecessary stuff and at an affordable cost!

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Just hit that APPLY NOW button, and you’ll be asked to fill out a short form, after which you’ll receive an offer from us.

We know you may have some questions on your mind, so you’ll find answers also by clicking that button!

Relocation to another country is a time-consuming and costly thing. We deal only with individuals who understand this as well as we do, so please, if you want to get a job in Portugal or can’t get a visa for some reason – we don’t do that. We really hope you understand that we reserve the right to refuse the application if it doesn’t fit our client’s profile.

And here’s what some of our clients say:

Let’s recap everything really quickly:

Apply until January 31, and get a special offer for all our services for your whole family! Don’t wait too long! Relocation is a slow and quite complicated process so the earlier you start – the faster it’ll go!


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