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Suggestion of the best moving option for the whole family, step-by-step plan for further actions, checklist for all necessary documents, full calculation of the cost of services without additional (hidden) payments, enormous savings of time and money

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Relocation agency MoveToCascais is a service specialized in relocation to Portugal. We provide comprehensive support to foreign nationals wishing to immigrate to this country or to come for a certain period of time.

Starting from paperwork to the selection of luxury real estate and projects for investment.

We help you decide to move

Postponing a free life for later is like stealing from yourself. We do not choose where we were born, but we can choose where and how we live!

That kind of freedom is great, right?

Advice on relocation

Talks about all the pros and cons (albeit harder) of moving to Cascais.

We help with obtaining a residence permit

Portugal and support throughout the process of child immigration lawyer. Guarantor, registration and other necessary things to start.

Indications why the name Cascais

We share the stories of moving and tell you why you can and should live in a beautiful, friendly, cozy and very cheerful Portugal!

Why is the best solution is to move to Portugal?

Why Portugal?
The most affordable country

Portugal is the most affordable countries in Western Europe!

Portugal provides excellent health, education, and security, along with a rich cultural heritage, high quality of life, and a relatively low cost of living.
Additionally, it ranks 4th in global safety and 27th in environmental quality — truly something to celebrate!

Why Portugal?
Businesses and investments

Portugal offers many business and investment opportunities. Its high standard of living and geographical location make it an excellent solution for expanding your business abroad. This country offers stability and predictability, there are tax incentives and other support programs for investors and relatively low income taxes. In addition, Portugal is a member of the European Union, which provides access to the single market and the free movement of goods and services.

Why Portugal?
The most attractive climate

The Portuguese climate is one of the most attractive reasons to choose this country. The sun shines most of the year, with over 3,000 hours of sunshine a year, giving you an endless supply of warm and bright days. Moderate winters and warm but not hot summers offer the perfect balance for those who enjoy mild weather all year round. You will be able to enjoy the weather and spend time outdoors at any time of the year!

Feedback from our customers


I lived in Antalya for quite a long time before deciding to move. When I saw the advertisement, I immediately wrote MoveToCascais and decided to move. I like that they closed most of the issues - with documents, with the opening of my company, with renting an apartment, so all that was required of me was to pack my things and fly to Portugal. I had to wait longer for my residence than I thought. The whole process took me about 8 months, but in the end I am now a resident of Portugal. Thanks to Yuri, Anush, Lena for full support and their positive attitude!


I contacted MoveToCascais when I was in Portugal.

After a bad experience with another relocation specialist and ultimately being rejected by the migration service, I decided to try them. What I liked was the full involvement of the whole team in the process. There was a Portuguese-speaking lawyer, there was an accountant who explained the processes, managers were constantly in touch, they communicated with me and reminded me of the dates of the process.

As a result - peace of mind and a residence permit card in Portugal! Thanks to MoveToCascais managers for the quality of their work.


Having retired, my wife and I decided to look for a place with a warm climate and amazing nature to spend our old age there! We love Cascais! We are not yet so old as to spend time away from the city. While learning more about Cascais, found your service (amazing name, MoveToCascais). We immediately realized that we were on the way! The documents were prepared quickly and having packed our bags we were already in Portugal. In parallel with the documents, we worked with a realtor Lena, who helped us find a small house near the ocean in Cascais! Absolutely satisfied with the quality of your services, satisfied with Portugal and happy to host the whole family from Canada on vacation!


I moved to Portugal 4 years ago and already then faced all the bureaucratic processes. I had a business in Kazakhstan and I also developed another business in Portugal. It was difficult to work for two countries, and also because of the time difference. That is why, after so much time, I decided to transfer part of the staff to Lisbon. I was ready to invest finances in this process, but I was not ready for the time, so I immediately found a service that would take care of all these worries. This turned out to be MoveToCascais. By the way, about 6 people on my team started going through the paperwork process, and I didn't have to supervise everything. While I was doing work, MoveToCascais managers took care of everything! I am very glad that everything went quickly and carefree, for which many thanks to all the specialists, the whole team who worked on this!


When we decided to move to Europe, there was no doubt that it would be Portugal. However, when there are children, business - moving seems to be an extremely difficult task. Therefore, we decided that we would do everything with professionals. We preliminarily took a consultation, for 150 euros Yuriy gave so much information that we no longer doubted that we would work with MoveToCascais. We opened a company, accounts, after that we began to deal with obtaining a residence permit. Separately, the guys also helped with the school and kindergarten for children. All the same, getting live recommendations from school was more valuable to me than sending children just like that. Thank you so much for such an easy move!


Faced with the problem of obtaining temporary protection, since at the beginning of the war in Ukraine he was in the EU. My family moved to Portugal after the war and we delayed the process of obtaining documents. Then we decided to turn to the MoveToCascais team. I doubted about receiving it, but still decided to try again. And lo and behold!!! The whole family received a certificate of temporary protection! Many thanks to the guys, a little later we will issue a full-fledged residence permit with them!

Frequently Asked Questions

What services do you provide?

We offer services such as temporary residence permit application, personal and corporate bank account opening, tax identification number registration, obtaining NHR status, and company formation. We also assist in finding properties for rent, purchase, or investment.

Can I get installment payments for your services?

Yes, installment payments are possible. We work in stages, so the payment is also divided into stages. The first stage is the upfront payment before the start of work, upon signing the contract. Subsequent payments are made after completing certain milestones and submitting documents to SEF (Immigration and Borders Service).

How can I get started with your company's services?

Getting started with our services is easy. Simply reach out to our team through our website or contact information, and we will schedule a consultation to discuss your specific needs and requirements. From there, we will guide you through the process and provide the necessary support to help you achieve your goals in Portugal.

How long does legalization in Portugal take?

The duration can vary from 6 to 8 months up to 2 years. It depends on the specific process we need to follow.

Do you handle the process of obtaining a residence permit through family reunification?

Yes! You can approach us regarding this matter.

What type of company can I register in Portugal?

The most popular choice for company registration in Portugal is LDA (Limited Liability Company). It is also possible to register a sole proprietorship (IP) in Portugal.