Startup Visa

How does a startup visa work?

A startup visa in Portugal (Article 89.4) is an easy way to move here with a team of colleagues, even if you just have an idea for a startup.

More so, it is better to have just an idea, and not a set and functioning business – then the process of obtaining a residence permit using a start-up visa will be much faster.

Main requirements:

Startup idea

The Founder/Founders should be over 18 years old, have no criminal record, reside outside of the Schengen countries, have no tax debts and can prove that they have more than €5,200 on their bank account.

Each member of the team (1-5 people) should have higher education.

Getting approval of one of the local business incubators.

Potential for achievememt of a turnover of more than €325,000 per year and/or value of assets of more than €325,000 per year in 5 years after the incubation period.

Service packages
One adult
Included: Full legal support, Address registration, NIF, SEF appointment
Two adults
Included: Full legal support, NIF, SEF appointment, Fill out the form for Startup Portugal, Fill out the form for IAPMEI
* Every additional funder + 1000 EUR
Two adults and one child*
Included:Full legal support, NIF, SEF appointment
* Every additional child +500 EURO
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The easiest way to move to Cascais
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