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Immigration to Portugal 2022. Choice of visa, tips on applying for a residence permit and obtaining a passport

Immigration to Portugal 2022. Choice of visa, tips on applying for a residence permit, and obtaining a passport

Are you fed up with crises and hardships in your country? Why not immigrate with your family to prosperous, quiet, sunny Portugal, where the crime rate is close to zero, and where life is like a vivid picture from a fairy tale?

We’ll tell you about the features of immigration to Portugal in 2022, tell you about the types of visas, give you tips on applying for residency and getting a passport. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask them via messenger.

For Portugal

Last year, more than 15% of our wealthy compatriots changed their citizenship, leaving the country permanently, or took second citizenship, making travel between the two countries as easy as possible.

But it is wrong to think that only “our” people move to Portugal. This country is called “paradise on earth” not without reason. Rich people from around the world move there. Some are driven by a suitable climate, some by security issues, and all without exception by the desire for a stable life without financial turmoil, without defaults, without political crises, and other things that make confusion in a measured life, interfere with the establishment of business and simply to raise the next generation.

Taxes scare you? The uncertainty? Those who get residency status fall under minimal taxation and get “vacations” for a few years, and then pay them at a reduced rate.

Another “plus” of Portugal is the simplified naturalization process. In any country of the European Union, to obtain citizenship, it is necessary to reside for several years. It is enough to reside in Portugal for 35 days per year, and then you can apply for citizenship.

We will not hide, those convicted of any crime and received a sentence of imprisonment of three years or more, as well as those who in any way, including through financing were associated with terrorist activities, will not be able to apply for citizenship.

No previous citizenship requirements.

Residency based on family ties

The easiest way to become a Portuguese citizen is to prove that there are (were) relatives in the country. That is, if grandparents or aunt/uncle were Portuguese citizens, it will be easy to obtain citizenship. There is no need to prove close communication with them or permanent proof of communication. The only proof of kinship is of interest.

If you do not have Portuguese “roots”, you can marry a citizen of the country. This also greatly accelerates the process of obtaining the residency. Just do not count on a fictitious marriage. There is an exception to this option. Living together in a marriage must be at least three years. And then, having confirmed the reality of the union, you can apply for the documents.

For those who do not have Portuguese roots, and who have no “other half” with citizenship, we recommend paying attention to the option of obtaining citizenship for investment.

Portuguese citizenship for investment

The majority of those who have moved to Portugal choose the most suitable option to obtain citizenship for investment.

You can buy real estate for 280,000 euros and more, buy shares of 500,000 euros and more, contribute 500,000 euros or more to science, start your own business and create at least five or ten jobs, etc. That is, to make an investment in their future, which will be interesting and beneficial to the state. Then all the possible benefits will be available, and citizenship will help quickly arrange (of course, if there is interest. Many of our clients live in two countries, many do not change their citizenship and do not apply for second citizenship. It only takes one’s desire).

Descendants of Sephardic Jews

This option is like winning the lottery for those who dream of obtaining Portuguese citizenship. Anyone related to Sephardic Jews will almost automatically receive all necessary documents (you will only have to pay 250 euros).

A long time ago, many centuries ago, an ethnic group of Jews in Portugal and Spain created communities that lived, each developing their diaspora. However, in the last years of the 15th century, the Sephardim were expelled from the Iberian Peninsula, for which the current government of the countries is deeply guilty. And offers citizenship on favorable terms. Therefore, studying genealogy, and Sephardic Jews in it are a real chance to make things happen in the shortest possible time.

Residents in Portugal by visa

The Startup Visa was created to support technology development and stimulate innovative industries in the country. It allows non-citizen businessmen to apply for Portugal residency on favorable terms.

There is another option, the Golden Visa. According to this option they receive Golden visa in Portugal, who invested several hundred thousand euros in the country’s assets or in its real estate.

</span style=”font-weight: 400;”>It is also possible to invest in funds or a certain direction of business, for example, in popular solar power plants.

In Portugal, the government and all state authorities are very loyal. If a person does not violate the laws and regulations, they will be helped, literally by the hand, through all the instances. So there is no need to be afraid of problems with documents.

Email us or call us, tell us about the purpose of the trip, and we will advise the best of all possible options. Sun, beaches, ocean, and opportunities are just around the corner! Just a few steps away.