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Buying a Dream Home and Moving from Brazil – The Story of Sylvia and Paulo

Moving to Brazil and trying to start a business


My move started in 2017; I moved with my husband to Brazil after getting married. He grew up and was born there, but we met during a trip to Japan.Moving to Brazil was frankly not easy for me. I didn’t want to fly across the ocean to another continent, but I encouraged myself with the idea that I could open my own business there, and my husband and I would buy a house and travel around the country together.


Brasil view


As it turned out, I was very wrong.


The conditions for doing business were awful; we had problems registering the IP. The only pleasant thing was the low housing prices. We bought a small apartment on the outskirts of Fortaleza. To be honest, I already knew then that it was unlikely to be a profitable investment, but given that we sometimes visit my husband’s parents, having our apartment here seemed like a good idea.


After the first year of unsuccessful attempts to start something worthwhile in Brazil, it became clear that we would not get far. There was only one problem: where to go next. The decision came by itself when we went on a short trip through Europe, with a final destination in Portugal, which has always gone hand in hand with Brazil, so there shouldn’t be any problem with the adaptation.


street Portugal


Portugal was precisely the place we had been looking for so long. Great climate, the ocean in direct reach, friendly people, and the best environment for starting a business in western Europe. Upon returning to Brazil, we made the decision – we needed to find an opportunity to move to Portugal.


Among the many other companies, we stumbled upon the MoveToCascais service, ordered a trial consultation, and immediately found the answer to our question. After listening to our story and learning all the wishes, we were offered a great option: a golden visa to Portugal through real estate investments.


The perfect house has been found!


We looked at seven or eight properties, but she liked this house in Portugal at first sight. The property price was terrific – 550,000 euros for a villa by the ocean.


villa portugal ocean beach


The house was in Lisboa, literally 300 meters from the coastline. Everything was in perfect condition: on the first floor, a living room, bathroom, kitchen, and guest bedroom; on the first floor, three bedrooms, another bathroom, and a balcony with a beautiful view over the surroundings. The three-bedroom house is in good condition and is only a few kilometers from the beach. The place is close to several beaches, including the small peninsula of Peniche, where I could take surfing lessons. In the other direction are vineyards and castle villages. The price was right, so we didn’t haggle – many similar properties cost between 630,000 and 800,000 euros near the coast.


At that time, my husband and I had already sold our apartment in Brazil and added our joint savings to pay for the house. But quite often, in conversations with people coming to developing countries, we discussed the issue of mortgages. Someone told us about the need to either pay for the house in total when we buy it or take out a loan secured by another property. Mortgage loans are rare in countries like Ecuador, Panama, Mexico, and Thailand. Interest rates are high if you can get a loan, and you usually have a weighted payment in five to seven years. Fortunately, this is not the case when buying property in Portugal. You can make a 20% down payment and get a long-term interest rate of 1.95% for 25 or 30 years. That, in the end, is less than the inflation rate over the long term. To get that rate, you have to have a life insurance policy. Anyone can get one – it’s easy and not very expensive.



Thinking back on our process, one can’t help but praise the real estate agent that MoveToCascais service provided me with – just a miracle! She was the one who found this offer. They also provided me with an attorney who ensured everything was in order and expedited the paperwork. The closing costs were easy to cover: a few thousand euros, and we are already owners of this beautiful house.

Immediately afterward, I started setting up my own business. Here again, we worked with the MoveToCascais agency! I expected a long process of at least a year or even two. And I was amazed when everything was ready in less than six months!


In the meantime, my husband found a remote job in Europe and was improving our home in his spare time.


Of course, I want to express a huge thank you for your service because it would have been much more difficult without you! Of course, we recommend you to all our friends who are also planning to move to Portugal, and hopefully, we will meet them soon in this beautiful country!