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Everything you need to know for residence permits, social adaptation, INVESTMENTS and BUSINESS

We will turn your DREAM into REALITY!

What we DO:

Telling and detailing all the pros and cons (although it’s more complicated) of moving to Portugal. You will learn everything: what to prepare for, what to take with you, prices for housing and food, schools for children, leisure activities for adults, what to do here, what are the options for investment, what is a special tax status and who needs it… And much more! 

We look at all options for obtaining residency in Portugal and select the best for you and your family.
Help in submitting and obtaining a residence permit in Portugal; possible surety and representation. We offer ways to speed up the process through special application programs.

Help in obtaining Non Habitual Tax Residency. This option is necessary for everyone who wants to maximize their profits while minimizing taxes. One of the best programs of this kind in the world, compared to which Cyprus is yesterday’s day.

We offer investment options for capital holders – small businesses, real estate, start-ups, alternative energy companies and licensees from other, highly profitable sectors with an increased level of regulation. Selection and assistance in opening a small business (restaurant, cafe, hotel, etc.).

Assistance in everyday, everyday matters: household staff, grocery shopping/delivery, drivers, assistants. Assistance in socialization: schools, circles, acquaintances, club memberships, events, etc. Organization of leisure for all tastes – from excursions to major events. Individual approach, personal manager. Our concierge service will make your life in Cascais very comfortable!

Family Design – strengthening family relationships in a new place, overcoming the stress of moving and a new life.
Business by the pool – how to work productively, without having to be in the office and standing over your employees – in today’s world you can and should work remotely and we will tell and show you how.

WHO our SERVICE is for:

Cascais family vacation

If you are an entrepreneur, investor, business owner or passive income holder, the MoveToCascais SERVICE was created for you.

If you want to:

►►► Living 10-20 years longer
►►► Secure your family
►►► Build the foundation for a happy future for your children
►►► Save and grow your capital
►►► Work with the WORLD on the most favorable conditions
►►► Have access to quality and affordable education and medicine

And also, protect yourself from all kinds of RISKS of living in the CIS countries ►►►

Find out more about all this right now in our ELECTRONIC BRUSHURE

All of Portugal is beautiful

But for us we chose the city of Cascais.
It is designed to enjoy life!

How to use the MoveToCascais SERVICE

Call or text us on Whatsapp and make sure your Dream LIFE is real! We’ll answer all your questions and maybe give you the IMPULSE you’ve been missing!

Take advantage of our consulting service. Our approach will surprise you – no big one-time or hourly fees!

Come visit us as a family! We will meet you and take care of your comfort and quick adaptation to the new reality! We are open, communicative, and friendly. 

Customer Reviews

"Thank you guys for your professionalism, efficiency and help with everything. I feel comfortable and convenient to use such a modern and necessary service as MoveToCascais."

movetocascais otziv
Enjoyed 6 months

"Thank you for helping with something as difficult as moving to another country. Appreciate that you are always in touch and cover all the issues to get things up and running in the new place. Good luck to you!"

movetocascais otziv
Enjoyed 8 months

"Already managed to become friends not only with Stanislav, but also with my manager Kirill - you are great guys, and do great service - keep it up! Thank you and see you soon!"

movetocascais alex otziv
Enjoyed 4 months

"Service of a high level! Everything is fast and high quality, no complaints. MoveToCascais is what anyone who wants to move not just to another country but to another life needs! Well done!"

movetocascais otziv
Enjoyed 10 months

"I like everything very much. A special thanks to my manager Elena - she is very professional in answering any question. I will continue to use MoveToCascais. I recommend to everyone!"

movetocascais otziv
Enjoyed 5 months

"The guys are diligent and always respond quickly. Personally, I am satisfied with everything. MoveToCascais is a great service that not only helped my family move, but also helped with rent and school."

movetocascais otziv
Enjoyed 7 months

Our project is supported by the municipality of Cascais

The development of the city and the region as a whole are the goals of the Cascais administration. And our project aims to attract good people who contribute to the economy of the region.

Thanks to this – our company feels truly supported by the municipality – and we are very grateful for it.

municipality of Cascais

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