NHR status will help you to pay less taxes for global and local income during 10 years. 5 days.

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One person
Included: Initial personal briefing on NHR, Arrival or registration formalities, Full legal support for obtaining NHR status

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We help you decide to move
Postponing a free life for later is like stealing from yourself. We do not choose where we were born, but we can choose where and how we live! That kind of freedom is great, right?
Indications why the name Cascais
We share the stories of moving and tell you why you can and should live in a beautiful, friendly, cozy and very cheerful Portugal!
We help with obtaining a residence permit in Portugal
Portugal and support throughout the process of child immigration lawyer. Guarantor, registration and other necessary things to start.
The easiest way to move to Cascais
The easiest way to move to Cascais
Don’t miss the opportunity to start your new life in beautiful Portugal! Apply now and our team of professionals will help you with the move, paperwork and provide all the necessary information. Start your journey to an exciting and comfortable life in Portugal right now!
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