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Helping families move to beautiful Cascais, the pearl of the Atlantic and Europe's best location

We will turn your DREAM into REALITY!

What we DO:

It’s okay to have doubts. But getting your priorities right is a must. 🙌

We all know time is an irreplaceable resource. It’s the most precious thing we have, so putting off our best life for later is like stealing from ourselves – a great folly.

Yes, we don’t choose where we were born, but we can choose WHERE to live. And we can choose HOW we live! That kind of freedom is wonderful, isn’t it? ☀️🌴👍

The courage to improve our lives is in all of us, we just need to wake it up.⚡️

Telling you about a country that takes your breath away!

In detail and vitally – with you 7 days a week, on any platform you like – Instagram, Facebook, Youtube!

We share our relocation stories and tell you why you can and should live in beautiful, friendly, cozy, and very fun Portugal!

And, of course, we reveal the secrets of Cascais ❤️ the heart of this wonderful country, to you.

We will tell you and in detail lay out all the pros and cons (although it is more complicated) of moving to Cascais.

We analyze all options for obtaining residency in Portugal and select the best for you and your family.

You will learn everything:
✅ What you need to prepare for
✅ What to bring with you
✅ Prices for housing and food
✅ Schools for kids, things to do for adults
✅ What to do here, what are the options for starting a business or investing
✅ What is a special tax status, and who needs it… And much more!


Submitting documents to the Portuguese Immigration Service shouldn’t be difficult with accompanying the entire process by a Portuguese immigration lawyer. 👩🏻💼

We will be happy to assist you with obtaining a taxpayer identification number (NIF) and opening a bank account. ☝️📄

A guarantor, a residence permit, and other things you need to get started. 

We can take care of opening a bank account registering a sole proprietorship, picking up local CAEs, and helping with bookkeeping even while you’re still outside the country. 💶

Help with settling in when you arrive in Portugal – schools, clubs, supermarkets, clinics, and everything you and your family need for comfort in the new place. ❤️🤝

Transportation and travel services,
Driver, housekeeper, babysitter, and other staff services – to meet your needs and habits. 🚗🧹👵

Reservations, airport pickup, check-in assistance, and any other questions you may have at the beginning of your move and along the way. 👉🇵🇹

✅ Assistance in obtaining Special Tax Residency (Non-Habitual Tax Residency)

This option is necessary for everyone who wants to maximize their profits while minimizing taxes. One of the best programs of this kind in the world, compared to which Cyprus is yesterday’s day.

✅ Providing a virtual office
✅ Searching and supporting deals with real estate (renting/buying)
✅ Assistance in obtaining credit
✅ Selection and assistance in opening a small business (restaurant, cafe, hotel, etc.).

WHO our SERVICE is for:


If you are an entrepreneur, investor, business owner, or passive income holder, MoveToCascais SERVICE is created for you.

If you want...


An absolute security for your family

Portugal ranks 4th among 163 countries according to the Global Peace Index. There is practically no domestic crime.


To build the foundation for a happy future for children

In Cascais, you have access to quality and affordable education in a dignified international community.


To save and increase capital

For this, you will benefit from stability, liquidity, transparency, and a very vibrant global economy, of which the real estate market in Portugal, for example, is an integral part.

Entrepreneurial "boom" in Portugal. Why Portugal is the best country to start a business in 2021

To save a fortune on taxes

Intelligent tax planning - available through a unique NHR program - allows many wealthy people to officially NOT pay taxes on income earned outside of Portugal.


To use the high-quality medical services

The latest equipment, excellent specialists in all fields. Absolute accessibility to all comers is ensured by the inclusiveness of the health care system.


To have time to enjoy success to the fullest

Anyone who moves to Cascais can live 10-20 years longer. The average life expectancy in Portugal is ~82 years.


But for us, we chose the city of Cascais.
It is designed to enjoy life!

How to use the MoveToCascais SERVICE

Call or text us on Whatsapp and make sure that the DREAM LIFE is a reality! We’ll answer all your questions and maybe give you the IMPULSE you’ve been missing!

Take care of all your household issues and plan your trip at ease! In the meantime, we’ll take care of getting your tax number, opening an account, and enrolling you in the Portuguese migration service.

Come visit us with a family! We will meet you and take care of your comfort and quick adaptation to the new reality! We are open, communicative, and friendly! ❤️

Our project is supported by the municipality of Cascais

The development of the city and the region as a whole is the goal of the Cascais administration. And our project is aimed at attracting valuable and talanted people who contribute to the economic development of the region.

Thanks to this – our company feels the effective support of City Hall – for which we are very grateful!

municipality of Cascais

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